Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Killing Time

We have been busy, but we have also been stuck at home.  I have no evidence of the fun outside of the house we have been having, but I do have some pics of the indoor fun! 

The girls were married with me officiating.  Not very official, but Madison wore her veil nonetheless.

DSC_3166      DSC_3168

When there is nothing else to do, why not clean?  That’s what they think.  I really hope they will still think this when they are teenagers and can actually perform the jobs around the house like mopping, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, etc.  (A girl can hope, can’t she?)

DSC_3169     DSC_3171

There was time to drag out the instruments, much to Jeremy’s chagrin – especially when the whistle came out!  With instruments come outfits and sisterly love.

DSC_3174    DSC_3181DSC_3175     DSC_3176

And I got a bug with our mostly empty fridge (thank, cold weather, for preventing outings to the store) to clean it.  The girls love cleaning (as previously witnessed) and were pretty excited to help.  They managed to get all the hard to reach places. 

DSC_3189     DSC_3191

In the meantime, Jeremy has been hunting snow rollers in the pasture behind his house.  These are apparently the equivalent of tumbleweeds.

DSC_3182   DSC_3184

In other outside the house news…

  • We went to Ashland on Friday to visit with Adam, Laura, Teagan, and Everett.  The girls had fun for the afternoon and dinnertime.  Then, we headed to Nate and Jen’s house for a sleepover.  Madison is startign to really enjoy playing with Megan, and they have less battles than they used to. 
  • Saturday, we braved the awful roads to go watch Chloe play in the Upwards basketball program.  Her team lost by a buzzer beater.  She had some good shots, and I thought the team looked pretty good. 
  • The rest of my family trickled in throughout the day.  Sophie was having her birthday party that night, and it was fun to all be together again.  Jeremy drove us home slowly, but safely.
  • Church was cancelled on Sunday.  Preschool was cancelled today.  So was story time…. I am getting a little stir crazy.  Hopefully, story time for Madison will be on for tomorrow. 

Stay safe and stay warm.


Anonymous said...

Looks like there has been LOTS happening, even though it's all in inside. Love the fridge pictures. Ellis looks as big as Madison "cleaning" on the table.
See you tomorrow.

Darrell/DeeDee said...

Oh - forgot to say -- those snow-rollers are AWESOME. I have never heard of something like that. Good job, Jer.