Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Yoh and Bricker Christmases

It was a two in one day on Thursday.  We started off in the morning with the Yohs.  Gloria made a delicious egg casserole with various sides (fruit, cinnamon rolls), and I added baked oatmeal to the table.  We enjoyed being together and seeing our out-of-state family again.  Madison was excited to see Aunt Jen and Uncle Arturo from New York and Aunt Niki and Uncle Jason from Minnesota.  Ellie seemed to recognize them because there was no fit-throwing or koala bear clinging.  After breakfast, we opened stockings and presents. 


The “elves” helped Jason pass out the presents here. 

DSC_2982   DSC_2984DSC_2992

The girls (Madison and Ellie) get a whole pile of things here, while the rest of us do an adult exchange.  Note Jeremy’s one yellow package and Ellie’s pile in the background!!  We were joking about this while we were there.  (Hopefully, no one gets jealous of their stack!) 

Ellie got a really neat game that she can actually play!  She also got a puzzle (simple one with unique pictures) and a book.  Madison got a backpack (yep, Ellie is wearing it in the picture), game, and a Fancy Nancy book set. 

DSC_2994   DSC_2997DSC_3008

Then, they received clothes from Grandma and Papa for dress up and casual wear.  Madison also inherited a necklace that Grandma got from her grandma.  A special treasure for sure. 


From there, we headed to Brickerville for an extended family Christmas.  We had a late lunch.  I made a clove-studded ham that I had been basting for two hours with a brown sugar glaze.  It was delicious and moist.  Marianne had pork loin as well.  The rest of the meal was filled with delicious sides.  It is a great place to gather and people spread out between a few rooms, play games, and graze on food before gift opening. 

The girls helped pass out gifts.  Madison has done this for the past 2 years, and Ellie is now old enough to join in on the tradition.  I like it because they get to know who is who better, and they feel a part of things this way. 

DSC_3020    DSC_3013DSC_3018   DSC_3016DSC_3011

The girls have more fun every time we get together with the extended family.  It is nice to see and nice to not be clung to!  We had wonderful days of Christmas, and I enjoy being with all the different groups of people.  The only thing I miss is being with my extended family that are out-of-state.  My memories of Christmas on the Ediger and Jantzen side are filled with happy times. 

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the new year. 

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