Sunday, February 23, 2014


Friday was deemed “The Day of the Swimsuit” at our house.  I needed to have the girls try on their swimming suits because their swim lessons start on Tuesday.  (Thanks, Papa and Grandma Yoh, for the gift of lessons.)  So, they decided they needed to try them on – and wear them all day long.  Madison’s fit pretty well.  Ellie’s is a little small, but wearable.  (I looked for another suit for her when we went out shopping on Saturday; I might need to go get one.)  They played and played without anything over them for most of the morning.  How they don’t get cold is a mystery.  Madison asked to go to the library with the trains late morning, which meant they had to wear something over them – because, nope, they wouldn’t change out of them.  

While I was making supper, this was my entertainment – reading to their babies.  Notice Ellie is still in her suit (uncovered).  Madison’s is just buried under her clothes.


Ellie could convince most people that she knows how to read by the picture – look at that look of concentration on her face!  If, however, you listen to her… she uses very few real words when reading to her baby.  She is very good at giving expression to what she is reading and is very animated though.


A few posed ones…

DSC_3220     DSC_3222

We ended up taking them swimming at the YMCA after supper.  I felt bad that they had been in suits all day and no pool.  I also wanted them to be in the pool at least once before lessons.  And I wanted to know how cold the water was going to be since I have to get in the pool with Ellie. 

This is what we learned:  The kiddie pool is a nice depth for them without needing flotation devices.  It is also a nice temperature.  The big pool, where I imagine swim lessons will be, is cold, and I will freeze to death.  (May need to invest in a wet suit if I am just going to stand there holding her.)  Madison still enjoys the water, but will need to learn to put her face under.  Ellie still does not enjoy the water and will need to learn how to let go with at least one arm or leg at some point. 

We enjoyed the warmer, sunnier weather on Saturday.  I should have taken the girls out to play in it more, but I needed to get to Sam’s Club – we were on our last scoop of jelly.  Jeremy went for a bike ride in the afternoon – inspired by a friend we had seen riding on our way home from the store.  I think the temps are back to winter temperatures for the next 5 day forecast, so we will settle in again.  Hope you all have a blessed Sunday and week ahead.

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