Thursday, February 20, 2014

Howdy, Pardner!

I have been silent for a long time – almost the whole month.  I haven’t taken a picture since my last post, but I don’t know why not.  We have had a good month.  At church on Wednesday nights, the kids have been making some stellar Valentine’s cards for the older folks at church and at Shady Lawn.  It was neat to see them so into it – boys and girls.  I came home and told Jeremy that Madison’s are very different from the others’ cards.  They tend to be very colored or glued.  In the hour we worked, most kids made 3-5 cards (at least).  My lady?  She made one.  Yep, one.  So, whoever is lucky enough to have gotten that card, just know it was made with her whole heart – even if there is no heart on it or words or discernible shapes.  She made it with love, and that is why I continue to encourage her craftiness – because she works hard and she is proud of it.  And that is what matters, right?

We have had a family gathering.  It was going to be at my parents’ house, but mom decided it was a good time to get violently ill, so Steph and Luke hosted.  It was  a good time.  Madison and Megan had fun playing.  Ellie floated between groups of people and wrestling uncle Luke.  Most of the adults just got to talk.  Dad thinks he had more fun because he was with all the kids playing.  We parents would beg to differ! 

We celebrated Valentine’s Day here with a dozen red roses, some chocolates, and a meal – marinated pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts, and lava cakes.  (I used this super easy, super fast, super delicious recipe from pinterest found here.)  It was a good day/night.

I went with Jeremy on a work trip to nowhere exotic (Elkhart, Indiana, to be exact).  But I didn’t care.  It was a night away.  In a hotel.  With no reason to get up in the morning.  It was awesome and worth driving 8 or so hours for.  Jeremy and I had some quality time together.  I ate out a few meals.  And it felt like vacation even though the entire event lasted exactly 24 hours. 

We have been sledding behind Luke’s gator thing.  Madison enjoyed it, until she fell off; to her credit, she did get back on to try again.  Ellie rode with Sam and me.  She basically reclined without moving and without expression.  When I asked her how she was doing, she would just say, “Good.”  I put her in the back of the ride, and Luke whipped Sam and I through the field at about 15 mph.  It was a blast!  I finally decided to have mercy on the kids that were getting cold and hungry and call it quits. 

We had people over to play.  Rachel, Gabe, Ty, and Gracie came over to play and for supper on Wednesday night.  Jeremy was out of town, and so was Seth, Rachel’s husband.  So, we had a play date.  The kids had a blast.  They played with cars and trains, dinosaurs and dolls.  They played hide and seek as well.  It was a lot of fun and helped the night go fast.  Rachel is from church and is someone I look forward to getting to know. 

Then, tonight, the girls busted out their tutus and cowgirl hats.  They didn’t keep them on long, but I couldn’t resist pulling out the camera.  So, I’ll leave you with these pictures

Individual poses

DSC_3205     DSC_3206

Shooting their guns (the next group were all directed by Jeremy!)


Blowing out the gunsmoke


Putting them back in their holsters


Giddy-up.  Have a great weekend.

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