Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Day… finally!

Yeah, we’ve had snow.  And schools have had a lot of snow days.  But it had been awhile since it was snowy AND warm enough to take the girls out to play in it.  We didn’t venture far, but we had fun.  The driveway needed shoveled, so I worked on that while they used their sand toys to make snow soup and dig.  We were sheltered by the garage from the little wind that was blowing, and we could stay out without feeling too cold.  When I had cleared the driveway until Jeremy’s car (I figured he would want an outdoor activity to break up the monotony of his work day!) and cleared the sidewalk (it ended up looking a little haphazard, but there was a path), we pulled out the sleds.  We have a little hill on the side of the house.  Because of the icy coating on top of the snow, you could actually go pretty far.  I made a path first, then Madison went.  Ellie changed her mind and decided she did want to try it, too.  So, she and I buddied up for a few times down.  It was a lot of fun!  See that speck – that’s Madison!

DSC_3196     DSC_3197

Ellie waiting for her turn.


The girls posing for one good “we love each other” picture.  (Please ignore that fact that Ellie is trying to lick the snot off her face!)


One last random shot…. For about 3-4 nights in a row, the girls wanted to play kangaroo by getting zipped up in Jeremy’s hoodie.  He would then get up and jump around like a kangaroo.  It was quite entertaining.  They were both trying to fit in his sweatshirt.  Although it didn’t work, they still had fun bouncing on his knee.


I hope everyone had a great week.  This week went really fast for me because Jeremy invited me to travel along with him for his work on Monday-Tuesday to the exotic location of South Bend, Indiana.  This girl’s not too picky if it means a night away in a hotel with no alarm or small children to wake me up.  It was great – like a mini-vacation.  Thanks to the grandparents for making this possible! 

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