Monday, February 3, 2014

The Dentist

As you know, I took the girls to their yearly check-up last month.  Well, I am pretty sure I could declare January “Month of the Doctors.”  Since I had been teaching, I had put off all the appointments any of us needed.  So, I went to the eye doctor… over and over, actually, because I was fitted with new contacts.  Jeremy went to the eye doctor.  I went to the dentist – twice.  Jeremy went to the dentist – once, plus one coming up.  Madison went to the dentist.  Ellie went to the dentist.  And…. I think that is it.

Well, last time I took Madison to the dentist, it did not go well.  I went alone with Ellie as a 6 month old.  Madison wouldn’t get off my lap, so I moved myself, Madison, and Ellie to the dentist’s chair.  I held her while she cried – mouth wide open – and they checked her teeth.  It was not a good experience.  But I figure oral hygiene is very important, so we ventured to a dental office again. 

This time, I did some prep work ahead of time.  I bought a special going to the dentist book with stickers for the girls to read and play with.  We got the Little Critter Just Going to the Dentist by Mercer Meyer book.  They really liked this one as well.  (One word of caution: Little Critter has a cavity that requires a shot!  We discussed how they would not be getting a shot like Little Critter!)  Then, when we brushed teeth, we practiced counting teeth, holding our mouth open, and not being scared.  With all this pre-work, the two little ladies were pretty stoked to go.

Madison got all dressed up for the event.  Ellie got dressed.  Madison went first to set a good example for Ellie.  She did a great job climbing into the chair.


She looked a little nervously at the tools, but recovered well.


She even wore cool sunglasses because of the light they use to look at her teeth. 

DSCN4148     DSCN4149

Ellie did not get in the chair… but she didn’t cry either.  The doctor said that was fine because he just needed to do a visual assessment.

Both girls picked out “treats” (pen necklaces and balloons) as well as new toothbrushes.  Super proud of them!

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