Monday, February 3, 2014

The Next Olympians…

Just in time for the Winter Olympics, Jen called and invited us to meet them to go ice skating at Alice Noble Ice Rink.  (I hyperlinked that because it is worth going – cheap, fun, and a good experience.)  I ended up suggesting it to Jeremy at the very last second – not my normal way.  So, it was a bit stressful deciding whether to go or not and then ultimately to get going, but we are so glad we went.  Our hesitation… we weren’t sure if Madison would be able to use the walker much, and we were pretty sure Ellie wouldn’t even be able to get on the ice.

We laced the girls up in skates – both size 8, the smallest available.  I put on my skates … something that has only happened one other time in my life.  Jeremy put on his skates … a little more seasoned, but not in the recent past.  I took some pictures of my little skaters ready to go

DSCN4150     DSCN4153

And we hit the ice the best we could!  (For the record, neither Jeremy nor I ever wiped out/fell down.  A success, especially because we were also trying to keep kids on their feet.)

Madison used an ice walker, and after a few loooong laps, started getting better at moving her feet and not leaning so heavily.

DSCN4154     DSCN4160

Her first lap, Ellie went around halfway with me and halfway with Jeremy.  It is very hard on one’s back to bend down to skate with a little one.  The next laps she actually started moving her feet as time went on instead of just being drug around the rink. 

DSCN4157    DSCN4158

We skated for about 45 minutes before the rink was overtaken by a mob of pee-wee hockey players.  (Super cute in all their gear, by the way.)  We did pass Nate’s family – or rather, were passed by them!  We also were able to see Lilli, Sam, and Steph on the ice.  Sam used the walker and got to know the ice quite well as his feet just couldn’t keep up with his need for speed!  Lilli spun, fell, got up, stayed up longer, and kept on going.  It was a lot of fun.  We’ll have to try to do it again.

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