Monday, March 10, 2014

Advice from Grandma

One night my parents were over for supper.  Afterwards, Madison was sitting on Grandma’s lap with her sparkly black shoes on.  They are pretty tight, bordering on small, but her favorite shoes nonetheless.  Grandma noticed how hard it was to slide these shoes on and says to Madison – a FOUR year old, “It would probably be easier to put those shoes on if you cut off the straps.”  And we all moved on.  Until the next day.  May I present Exhibit A:

DSC_3230     DSC_3233

Yep, you suggest to a four-year-old to cut something that is not paper, and they are ALL OVER IT!  She managed to snip the straps with her little safety scissors before I noticed her.  Oh, well, I thought, they are almost too small anyway, and they are too wore out to pass on.  May I present Exhibit B:

DSC_3234     DSC_3235

Ellie apparently thought this was a good idea, and asked Madison to please cut her straps off her favorite sparkly pink shoes that are just the right size AND in good shape.  By the time I noticed this the deed was done, and I was much more unhappy about this one.  Madison realized the error of her ways, started crying, and pledged not to cut anything but paper without my permission. 

Please, don’t suggest cutting things that are not paper to small children, they will take this as permission.  Trust me.  We learned the hard way.  (At least it wasn’t their hair!)

[Posted with Grandma’s permission]

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Anonymous said...

What can I say -- She's a "take-charge" woman, just like her mom.
(you have to admit, it was a funny story)
Love you,
Grandma E