Monday, April 21, 2014


imageEaster arrived on Sunday.  The girls had, as I said, done a number of egg hunts, but we had also been talking about the real reason we celebrate Easter.  It must be totally incomprehensible to kids why someone died because they loved us – and then what it means that He rose from the dead.  I hardly understand it myself because it is so irrational to our human minds.  All I know is that I am grateful to know a God that loved me so much that he gave his only Son.  I am also glad the story doesn’t end with the death, but that we end with a victory over death and hope for tomorrow.  God is good.

Church was incredible.  The worship coordinators, musicians, and all those involved made it powerful and meaningful.  Madison was coloring during the service today.  As she listened to the message and to children’s story, she must have been taking it in.  At one point, she showed me the cross with Jesus on it that she drew (see left).  It is the first cross that I have ever seen her draw and for sure the first representation of this image.  It was funny because as she tapped my arm to tell me, I started to say, “Madison, Mommy is trying to worship and listen to the music.”  because at that moment there was a beautiful song being sung (“All Rise”).  I am so glad that I didn’t shut her off because I realized that she was worshipping, too, just in a different way. 

We went to my parents’ house first for Easter lunch.  We held the kids off from changing so we could get a few pictures.  It was not an easy task, and the fact that it was one of the most beautiful days we have had, was not helping!  We managed to get them together for a picture or two.  Next year, we need to arrange them a little more carefully so that all their faces are seen better.  You get what you get, right?  And none of them were throwing a fit!  Here are a few from my camera….

DSC_3340    DSC_3358DSC_3354    DSC_3351DSC_3353    DSC_3337

We tried to get a few of our small family as well.  The best one on my camera is not one of me looking at the camera, but that’s okay.  The girls were never quite together in their picture moment, but I think it was cute anyway.

DSC_3333    DSC_3346DSC_3348

Then, there was the egg hunt.  The first wave of littles had buddies.  I don’t know that they really need buddies anymore, but the older girls are sweet to do it.  The second wave was for the older ones.  They had to actually hunt for the eggs.  I didn’t hear a final verdict, but I think we found them all this year.

DSC_3361    DSC_3362DSC_3365

The kids played, the adults looked at pictures, talked, and played basketball.  We had dessert – angel food cake and chocolate lasagna (new pinterest find).  Then, those that had another destination headed out, while the others stayed to play more. 

We headed to Mooreland to David and Marianne’s to catch the tail-end of the Easter gathering.  It was good to see people and catch up here too.  There was “duck hunting,” egg hunting, eating, and playing here. 

DSC_3366    DSC_3367DSC_3376    DSC_3377

Greg and his girlfriend, Maggie, did an exceptional job entertaining the girls.  At one point, Ellie came over to me at the table and said, “Me being brave with big Greg.”  It was pretty cute.  (For the record, “big Greg” is not a really big guy.  It is just that we found his doppelganger in the form of a Ken doll who has become known as little Greg; hence, big Greg for Greg.)  We stayed until about 8pm.  The girls came home tired, but happy.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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