Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Circus

I am majorly playing catch up, so this actually happened back in March.  My mom works with a guy who won tickets on the radio to the Shriner Circus.  He only needed two tickets and asked mom if she could use them.  It worked well for us because 5 and under were free, which meant we could go to the circus for free!  The only circus I vaguely remember going to was the Barnum and Bailey circus when I was in elementary school.  It is huge and over the top.  Jeremy remembered going to this one when he was young with his family. 

On Saturday, we arrived early for the show. 

DSC_3255    DSC_3264

It was first come seating, and you could ride the elephant before the show.  We had great seats, and there was no line for the elephant.  Madison choose (was encouraged to choose?) the elephant ride over face painting, inflatable slide, and pony rides, all of which she has done before.  Although it cost $10 to ride the elephant, and it was the fastest ride on the planet (two quick laps in a tiny circle), I think it was worth it.


Besides that, we saw a number of aerialists (I think that is what they are called).  It was neat to watch how they hook their feet into the ribbons and then maneuver their bodies in mid-air; I don’t think that sport is in my future! 


We also saw tigers.   Madison enjoyed watching the clowns; Ellie had mixed feelings about those.  These clowns doused each other with water; the second set covered each other in “paint” (shaving cream stuff). 


We watched a juggler and some balancing acts. 


Jeremy’s favorite was the wheel of death – a wheel that looked a little like a pendulum that a man ran in and around and did tricks on as it rotated around in circles.  I was impressed by the motorcycle on a tight rope.  It had special wheels and wouldn’t fall off, although the people could have.  It went directly over our heads – had I stood up, I may have been able to touch one of the performers hands. 


Although it was a good show, I don’t know if it would have been worth the price of adult tickets.  But for free?  Of course!

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