Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Weekend happenings

This past weekend, Jeremy went on a backpacking trip with three other guys (two of them being my younger brothers).  He was loaded down, as were they all.  Friday, it rained and rained.  I, being a fair weather camper/hiker, would have been tempted to call it off, but these guys were troopers and went anyway.  Apparently, it was soggy and very dark that night since the fire went out early.  The next two days were comfortable and good for hiking.  It sounds like they all had a good time, and all were a little wore out from all the hiking. 

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While he was gone, the girls and I found ways to entertain ourselves.  On Friday, we went to my parents’ house along with Steph, Sam, Lilli, Steph, Cale, and Landen.  The cousins had a ball playing together – house, babies, office, forts, wild animals, games, etc.  The adults enjoyed the fact that they weren’t the sole entertainment that night.  Saturday, I loaded up the girls and headed to the Home and Garden Show at the fairgrounds.  I am not really a “home and garden” person.  I hardly know anything about keeping a plant alive (almost killed a cactus once!), but they had some activities for children and it was free.  I figured, even if it wasn’t awesome, it was free and it took up a morning together, so let’s go.  It was actually a lot of fun.  We started by going to the bookmobile; they had a craft for kids.  There were white ceramic tiles for the kids to print on using cut vegetables and paint.  Then, before we left, we picked them up. 

DSC_3383    DSC_3385DSC_3386

From there, we headed to the children’s area.  They played games to win “prizes” (candy, bracelet, and gum… which you can see Madison working on chewing in a few of these pictures), planted a flower,

DSC_3391    DSC_3393

petted an alpaca (well, Madison did),


and looked at the bug zoo (some dead and some alive).


We capped our time off with a picnic lunch and some homemade ice cream.


Afterwards, we headed to Grandma’s garage sale.  Madison and I went garage saleing as well.  She found a pink dress up hat with a flower for tea parties, a pearl necklace, and a bib for her baby… all for 30 cents!

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