Monday, May 12, 2014

Family Fun Day

P. Graham Dunn, a local business, had their annual Family Fun Day.  We went last year.  It was a beautiful day, and the kids had a blast.  This year, I was excited to see that the day was happening again.  We rushed over right after we attended Wiggles and Rhymes for Madison at the library.  It was windy, overcast, and quite chilly.  It was not as awesome as last year, but I will blame that on the weather.  They had a bounce house again, but it wasn’t as fun this year for either of my kids.They had an inflatable slide this year.  The idea of it is great, but there was no major enforcer there making the kids wait there turn to slide, and as a result, I feared for the life of my kids.  They (mostly) had fun with it nonetheless.

DSC_3440    DSC_3442DSC_3441 DSC_3444DSC_3443

They had face painting again.  This is ALWAYS a hit with my girls!  Madison got a butterfly and a bird.  Ellie got a balloon (kinda..)

DSC_3445     DSC_3446DSC_3447     DSC_3449

They had s’mores this year since it was in conjunction with a local camp.  The s’mores were delicious, and the fire kept us warm for a brief moment. 

DSC_3453     DSC_3454

They had the train.  Oh, the train.  Madison absolutely LOVES this thing and would ride for hours if she could.  I had high hopes for Ellie this year.  She said she was excited and was brave.  And she did put on a brave face, that as I look at the second picture, really doesn’t look so brave.  At the farthest point, something happened with another kid (rumor was he fell out but was okay).  The delay with that was enough to make Ellie completely lose it.  The “conductor” began to carry her back.  Jeremy took off jogging.  Someone in a van met him halfway.  She tried, what can I say…  Madison still had a blast!


Overall rating?  I look forward to a better year next year, but still worth the outing this year.

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