Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother’s Day

This was a two-part celebration.  Part one at my mom’s house, I have few pictures from since I neglected to bring the camera.  My parents bought a trampoline for the grandkids and this was its debut.  The kids loved it – even though 6 of the 10 have one at their house!  I had my timer on my watch running non-stop in 10 minute intervals.  Uncle Ben was Ellie’s choice as her bouncing partner.  Only unfortunate because he has the worst knees of all the siblings, I think.  Oh well, she found a sweet connection with Ben. 

Mothers day

There was sidewalk chalk, sand box creations, swings, playhouse time, basketball games, and conversation throughout the night.  Our family is not perfect, but we have fun together and rejoice with each other at milestones, and there were a number of them this time.  We celebrated three birthdays, mother’s day (5 mothers), and one 10 year anniversary.  There was also food – outside! – because the rain held off all afternoon, and the sun even peeked out toward the end of the night.

MOthers day2

The next day (Sunday) I went for a morning walk in a light fog – cool and peaceful.  I came home and received two homemade cards and one store bought one … with very thoughtful words added.  We all had breakfast and headed to church for the morning. 

After church, Maynard and Gloria came over.  Jeremy and Maynard had decided they would take on making lunch for us.  They did a fantastic job!  Jeremy put together steak kabobs.  Maynard brought and prepared a green salad; he also surprised us with a DQ ice cream cake. 


It was a delicious and relaxing time.  It is not often my husband cooks for me, and I really appreciated a meal off of that responsibility.  A fantastic present – along with a girls’ night out on Friday I had already cashed in!  I enjoyed all parts of the days’ celebrations. 

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