Friday, May 30, 2014

The Garden

Jeremy takes on the garden plot every year.  This year was a little easier than last because he didn’t have to turn a grassy plot into a garden.  As others have been, we have been waiting to get things planted.  On Monday while we were hiking at Wooster Memorial Park, he was continuing to build new garden structures to assist tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans in growing.  On Monday night, he and I worked til dark (which only amounted to about an hour by the time the kids were in bed) planting a few things that were almost dead from sitting in their greenhouse containers so long.  By Tuesday morning, the plants were already reviving in their new garden homes.  The girls assisted us in the effort on Tuesday morning….


DSC_3632     DSC_3634


DSC_3637     DSC_3639

and watering.  Ellie ended the morning scared a bug had flew in her ear; she cried for a good amount of time.  I am sure this did not help her fear of bugs.  We still have a few things to get in, but that will get done this weekend. 

That afternoon, the rains came out and they ventured out once again. 

DSC_3641   DSC_3642

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