Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Last Day of Swimming

This is our last session for sure until fall.  I figure we will hit the pool somewhere this summer, and we can work on all the skills they have learned.  The key is that I can feel like I can now take them by myself during the day because they are more comfortable in the water.  My mom and dad came for their last day, and my dad was my photographer during Ellie’s session.  So, here it is in picture form:

First swims of the day and getting the belt on

DSC_3515     DSC_3523

Blowing bubbles


Swimming through the hoop and with a kickboard – notice I am not holding onto her for either one!!  (This is major progress.)

DSC_3529     DSC_3536

The backstroke – this is her least favorite because her ears usually get wet.


Playing in the kiddie pool – again, she would not even let go of me when we started this in January!


After swimming, Ellie was able to go spend time with Grandma and Papa DeeDee.  She and Papa played on the trampoline; she even learned to really jump on it!  Grandma and her played on it too.  She convinced Grandma she needed a blankie with tags on it, so Grandma made some for her house.  (I forgot to send one for naps.)  She had her nap there and then joined Madison and I for Madison’s swim lessons.  (In between there, Madison had her last day of preschool; see previous post.)

Madison’s last swim, in pictures:

Waiting for instructions, so excited!

DSC_3553     DSC_3556

working on the backstroke – or ballerina kick!


Swimming with just a kickboard and noodle – no belt this session!  Determination in her eyes


Working on her diving form:

DSC_3574     DSC_3575

Back floating Starfish


Happy swimming, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

So proud of all of you, for jobs well done! Grandma and Papa Yoh