Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Jeremy is once again participating in the PanOhio ride.  It is organized by the American Cancer Society.  It is a bike ride that starts in Cleveland and ends in Cinncinati.  A total of 323 miles (roughly) is logged during this journey.  He is looking forward to the opportunity to get to ride again.  He has undertaken a lot of fundraising to make this happen.  If you would like to donate, click here.  For every $10 donated, you receive a raffle ticket as well.  Part of his hard work has been getting all the loot for the raffle – movie passes, Quaker Steak and Lube gift basket, Brown’s shirt, Dariette gift cards, and much more! 

He leaves on the journey on July 24. This is the group he rode with last year – his uncle David and his friend Mike.  This year, they have added two more to their team!I am proud of all the work he has put in and his way of serving through this. 


Sporting Events

Back in December, we went to a hockey game with Jason, Niki, Grandma, and Papa.  Madison was able to go, but Ellie had her own special time with her other grandparents.  I never posted the pictures, and their were some cute ones.  Consider the first part of this post “throwback.”

Madison at Monsters1Madison at Monsters2Madison at Monsters3

More recently, we all went with Sandy and a few of her teacher friends to the Akron Rubberducks game; it was teacher appreciation night, hence all the teachers!  It was a perfect night for a ball game – a light jacket if you wanted, not too much sun, no humidity, great seats, and lots of hits.  The girls enjoyed their time.  I think they mostly enjoyed that they got corn dogs and pizza AND neon colored super kid ice cream.  (We splurged a little considering the tickets were only $6 each.)  DSCN4167DSCN4170DSCN4173

Madison enjoyed the mascots that roamed around the stadium and ran around the field.  Ellie did not so much love them.  Madison took a picture with the Rubberduck and even gave him a hug.  Ellie posed with Daddy from afar; you see the duck in the background?  That’s about as close as she would get.

DSCN4176   DSCN4179

Jeremy bought raffle tickets to support Hospice.  He threw tennis balls toward hula hoops on the field to win a prize.  He accurate arm got the ball in one hoop.  The prize?  A Homer (the pigeon mascot) bobblehead.  Awesome?  Ellie did think this was pretty cool!

DSCN4181   DSCN4182DSCN4184

We didn’t get home until 11am.  Ellie was wide awake still; Madison had fallen asleep.  It was a good time.  I am sure we will take in one more ballgame this season.  For those who haven’t gone lately, the Rubberducks stadium is nice and the tickets are a good price. 

Fun with Grandma and Papa

This is a catch-up post with some fun pictures that Grandma and Papa have taken with their camera.  So, it will be mostly pictures and very little text.  The girls love going to play at their house.  In the winter, they played with all the dolls and doll furniture there, along with little office spaces for playing doctor.  They have started getting out more that it is nice enough (or hot enough today!) to do so.  Here are some of their adventures:

The Park…

IMG_0373     IMG_0383IMG_0381

Grandma and Papa’s Home Playland (Notice Madison on the top performing her balancing trick)…


Feeding the Ducks…


Bubbles, Sprinklers, and Sand…

IMG_0419   IMG_0445IMG_0456   IMG_0482

Thank you Grandma and Papa for all you do and for how much you love us!