Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Jackson Community Days

We joined Steph, Sam, Lilli, and Grandma for an evening at Jackson’s Community Days. We do not live in Jackson, but Luke works in the community, so I figure we were legit.  It was much grander than I imagined.  I figured some booths with some fair style food booths.  There were real fair rides there!  The first stop was a free face painting treat.  Lilli picked snowflakes; Sam chose bear paws; Madison liked the butterfly; and Ellie predictably picked Elmo! 

DSCN4187     DSCN4189DSCN4190

After stopping by to say hi to uncle Luke and collect free loot (band-aids, coloring books, balloons, etc), the kids scoped out the rides.  Madison definitely wanted the ferris wheel.  Sam and Lilli wanted this other ride that went around in a circle.  Ellie wanted the Ferris wheel, too.  Grandma treated each kid to a ride!  They were super excited.  Originally, I thought Ellie would be too small, but at the last minute, Grandma suggested we measure her.  She was tall enough!  She was so proud – “Me big” she kept saying.  Grandma, Madison, and Ellie boarded the Ferris wheel and enjoyed the ride.

DSCN4192     DSCN4203DSCN4204

Sam and Lilli did their ride as well.  We saw some pretty crazy faces from Sam!


We ended the night with free popcorn, corn dogs (Sam and Lilli), and a very loud carpool ride home!

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