Thursday, July 10, 2014


In what may become a tradition for us, we joined Jeremy’s parents for the Fredricksburg parade – the biggest small town parade.  Two years ago, when we first moved, we went together.  Ellie was 6 months old, and she HATED the loud horns that were blasted at the beginning of the parade.  She spent the next hour or so crying.  Last year, Jeremy took Madison (or maybe both girls???)  while I was in Phoenix for conference.  I think the experience was better.  This year, it was grand. 

We had a spot under a tree right by the road. 

DSC_3653    DSC_3657

We arrived early. the waiting was the worst part. 


We finally heard the loud horns; Ellie was prepared and undaunted. 


I had brought little bags for the girls for the candy that would get tossed our way.  The girls waved at passing vehicles hoping for a treat.  Jeremy and I pushed them into the road with moving vehicles! (Seriously, what do parades teach kids anyway?!?)  In between candy runs, we took a few pictures…

DSC_3667     DSC_3668

Jeremy’s grandpa’s tractor was in the parade…


…as was a camel – the grand finale, should we say?


Jeremy’s parents, Ken and Lois (his aunt and uncle from Indiana), and we went to Guerne Heights for lunch afterwards.  For whatever reason, the wait was atrocious to get our food – at least an hour.  It was fine though because the girls could move around and weren’t stuck in a booth, and a table in the shade opened up while we were waiting. 

Parades, candy, and family.  Good times.

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