Thursday, August 14, 2014

Chicken BBQ

This is an annual event in our town, as it is in many towns in the area.  Last year, we ate chicken, listened to music, bought donuts, rode horses, and watched the kiddie tractor pull.  This year, Madison wanted to participate in the tractor pull. 

So, we went.  We ate chicken and mingled with friends.  Then, our two impatient girls finally got to go ride the ponies.  We gave them two rides each – one on the little pony

DSC_3816    DSC_3823

and one on the big pony.

DSC_3825     DSC_3819

Ellie may be scared of cats and dogs, but she is not worried about climbing on the back of a full-size horse …. even if she isn’t sure about touching the muzzle of that same horse!  They loved it.

We also rode on a horse drawn wagon with our church friend, Merle. 

DSC_3826     DSC_3829DSC_3830

When we got on, Ellie asked if the wagon was going to take us home.  The man heard her and said he would be happy to (once he learned how close we were).  So, we were chauffeured home by this:


Not everyday that happens!

Well, the girls weren’t really ready to go home, so we snuck back and listened to music and talked to friends for another half an hour.  It was a beautiful night. 

Oh yeah, that tractor pull…. because the night was switched (the regularly scheduled night was feared to be a rain out), the tractor pull crew was unable to come out.  Maybe next year, Madison.  And watch out – we plan on her training a little to garner first prize in her division! 

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