Sunday, September 28, 2014

First Day of Preschool

(about a month late…)

When we returned from vacation, Madison started preschool.  Her preschool actually started the week we were on vacation, but someone (me) forgot to look at the calendar.  But it is her second year of preschool (she is a pro!), and it is “just” preschool (not high school exam week), and we saved boku bucks by going after Labor day.  Anyway….

She picked her own clothes out this year, told me how to style her hair (she really only has so many choices because my hair skills are lacking), picked out her backpack, and was little Miss Independent this year!  She was beautiful and full of enthusiasm for school.  I loved it.


Ellie was equally as excited for her, I think. 


She had a great day.  She looked a little hesitant about where to play when I dropped her off, but I think that is just her.  She observes for a little while and then jumps right in. 

DSC_4107     DSC_4109

I was preschool helper on her second day, so she picked snacks out (cheese sticks and sandwich cookies with milk), and I stayed to play.  She is definitely more clingy when I am around, but I think this is normal.  By now (the third week), she has a “best friend” that she finds in the morning – she said she is nice and she always gets good behavior cards sent home too.  (Best to start early choosing friends wisely, right?)

I will admit, I did not cry.  I read all the first day posts on facebook and blog entries, and I think I should feel guilty about this lack of tears. I think I am perhaps the only one who wasn’t shedding tears.  I am admitting this just in case there is another out there like me, who while a little cautious about letting go, doesn’t feel sad about it.  It just felt natural – maybe because I left her when she was three months old to go to work.  I am wondering if this will be true as she enters kindergarten.  I wonder if the “getting on the bus” factor will make it harder.  I have a feeling it will feel different to see that happen – to watch a stranger just take your child away to school.  So, no judgment if you did cry that first day; we each have different experiences and reactions to that day.  Just wanted the minority to know that it is also okay to not shed those sentimental tears.  That being said…. it was good to see her smiling face when I picked her up!


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