Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Our Christmas

So, our Christmas was spread over three days this year.  I don’t think I want to do it like that again, but I guess it worked for this year.  We started on Christmas Eve with a few gifts, opened one more on Christmas morning, and finished with the grand finale and stockings on the 26th.  The girls liked it – presents every day – but I feel like it was “Are we going to open presents again??” type of attitude.  Oh, well.  As Jeremy would say, they are 2 and 4; that is what they think about.

Anyway, they got a number of different things.  Some were used finds (yep, I am “those” people…. Jeremy not so much), but they loved them anyway.  Some were shared things – games and books.  And there were some only mine things. 

On Christmas Eve, the big hit were tiny dolls with clothes.  They have kinda rubbery clothes that go on and off, and they are small.  They have played with these a lot.  The other big hit was Madison’s bridal Barbie and new clothes.  The bridal Barbie had a wedding gown, veil, gloves, shoes, and jewelry; super fancy.  (As a side note: on the side of the box it said the appropriate age was for “adult collectors 14 and older.”  I mean, seriously?  It is a Barbie!)  The clothes were a craft fair find hand picked by Sandy for us.  They are awesome.  We will have to hit up another craft fair. 

DSC_4505    DSC_4508    DSC_4510

On Christmas Day, they each opened a small bag of their own newborn baby clothes to use with the doll Grandma Yoh had given them.

On the 26th, they opened their “big” gift.  Ellie received a strider bike.  It is a bike without pedals that kids ride on to get the feel of balance.  She definitely rode on it – all over the house!

DSC_4529     DSC_4531

Madison’s gift was a Leapster 2 with two games.  She really enjoys this.  Now, we just have to figure out how to manage this screen time.  Suggestions?

Jeremy bought me a bike that we had looked at together.  It is still waiting to be picked up at the store.  It is a little cold to use it now, but I am excited about it.  It is the first bike I have owned since my orange 10 speed in high school.  So, yea!  I hope to be able to go biking with him, and then as a family, this summer. I also got a new, reliable watch.

I found slippers and Ohio State clothing for Jeremy.  I am always hesitant about clothing purchases because the first time I tried buying him something, it was a total flop.  This year, I managed with more success. 

(Sorry this post is all business.  I have done about four posts today, and think I was just working to “get them done.”  Perhaps I will be more inspired in the New Year!  Take care and have a safe and Happy New Year!)

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