Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sleepovers and Super Bowl Parties

Sometimes I struggle to name the posts.  There isn’t too much to say about the two events in the title, but I figured it would work. 

On Friday, the girls and I carpooled with Steph, Sam, and Lilli to Nate and Jen’s house.  Sophie was having a birthday party Saturday evening, so we thought we would make a weekend of it and invade a day early.  Thankfully, my sister-in-law is great with having extra people at her house, and it worked out well.  We got there after supper – she didn’t need six more mouths for another meal!  The kids settled right in playing together, and we adults hung out in the kitchen.  We stayed in the kitchen because a) the best conversations happen in the kitchen and b) Sophie was working on decorating her birthday cake and we were there to cheer her on.  It was a good night.  All the kids were tucked in by 9pm, and most of them were asleep by then as well.

We woke up bright and early – as is normal around here – at 7am.  Megan had a soccer game at 8:20 we wanted to go watch.  It was fun to see five-year-olds running around playing soccer.  Megan even scored her first goal of the season right before the end of the game!  We rushed out of her soccer match to make it to Chloe’s basketball game.  She did a great job, too.  She is persistent and looks to have a great shot if she keeps at it.  We returned home for play time and lunch time.  Then, we headed out for Paxon’s basketball game at 1pm.  (It is hard to keep up in their house!)  Pax did a great job!  He has good dribbling skills and even did a spin move on the way to the hoop for one shot.  He may be following in his daddy’s footsteps!  Ellie napped; older boys and girls went out in the snow; younger girls played dolls/Barbies/Dora people; and adults talked the afternoon away.  The party started around 5pm – pizza, pasta salad, green salad, jello, veggie tray, chips, etc.  There is never a lack of food when we get together.  Sophie had a cool blue cake to share with us for dessert.  We ended the night with presents; it is so interesting to see what older girls want.  You move away from buying toys (yea!) to buying clothes and nail pens (tougher).  We’ll learn.

The night would have ended there, but on the way home we managed to hit a deer.  Yep, you read that right.  Jeremy saw three deer in the median of route 30.  One decided at the last minute it would try to cross the road; bad idea.  Jeremy let off the gas and press the break and held the car steady.  We hit the deer head on.  It went flying; we slowed to a stop.  Thankfully, the damage was not bad enough to strand us.  It doesn’t look that bad, but we have heard back from the collision center on an estimate yet either.  Everyone was fine – all 7 of us!  And ironically, the kids had just finished watching Bambie II.  Isn’t that an awesome addition to the story?  So, we are borrowing Jeremy’s parent’s van (thanks, Gloria and Maynard) until ours is fixed up.  God was definitely watching out for us.

We took the girls with us to the youth group Super Bowl party.  They seemed to have fun hanging out with the youth, and the youth don’t seem to mind havnging out with theme either.  I enjoyed most of the commercials in the first half, and then I quit really paying attention.  The game was pertty exciting as well.  I missed the very end, the poor play call, the intercepted pass, etc.  Oh well.  Life will go on.

Finally, this is February – the “I am going to start being intentional with my kids because I am so busy with school work otherwise” month.  Remember this post?  Well, the fun has started.  We missed doing the clocks on Monday.  I think I didn’t realize it was February until the end of the day.  I am going to try to get it in this week; I think it will be fun to do.  We worked on our maps of Kidron today.  It was neat to see how much they actually know about the location of things.  Ellie’s map is on the left and Madison’s is on the right.  You can see a close up of Kidron road locations from Madison’s map in the second picture – Quince (the donut shop), the fire station (911), the post office (flag), the park (slide), and MCC Connections (guitar because she saw one once there she wanted).  We put on people’s houses and other locations around town.  It is a good thing we live in a one intersection town.  This would have been impossible in Columbus!

DSC_4716     DSC_4717

Tonight they played with their little people and vehicles on them.  It took longer than I thought it would, which was fine.  The only thing I really didn’t want with this stuff was a lot of prep work.  And today there was really none.  Tomorrow, they are supposed to work on their names.  We’ll see if we have time – they are headed to Yoh’s while I sub.  It might be a good thing to do after supper.  We’ll see.

I posted the Bible verse for the week on their door yesterday, too.  You would be surprised at how quickly little minds memorize!  Both of them are able to say it back by today.  I told them if they say it all by themselves at the end of the week, they can put a sticker on a chart and get Smarties for being so smart!  They are pretty excited.  If you see them, be sure to ask them to say it.  (Ask and it will be given to you.  Matthew 7:7)


Hope you have a great week.  Until next time…

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