Monday, April 27, 2015

Back on Schedule.

I don’t know if this will hold true, but I had once said I would blog on Mondays.  It is Monday.  I am blogging.  This weekend – and the week in general – were quieter than most of this month.  It was a nice, and strange, feeling.  On Sunday, we decided to go to youth group even though we weren’t in charge.  Jeremy’s reasoning?  “Well, I just didn’t feel very rushed this weekend, so I thought I would throw something in our schedule to get that feeling”  (Also, we won’t have input with these guys again for a few weeks; it was good to touch base.) 

The girls and I went to watch the movie Paddington at the theatre on Wednesday.  It was Ellie’s very first movie, and Madison’s second.  It was a cute movie with a little bit of suspense.  (I didn’t remember that Paddington was being hunted down by a taxidermist at the Natural History Museum to be stuffed!)  We got popcorn because I had a free popcorn coupon for my birthday.  I upgraded it to a medium for 75 cents.  And, in case you didn’t know, they now offer both kettle corn and regular popcorn (at least at this theatre).  The lady behind the counter even offered to mix them up for me.  It was amazing!

On Saturday, the day was overcast.  I stayed huddled inside, not wanting to venture out into the gray, cold world.  When I called Steph about something though, she said she was outside weeding and it wasn’t really that bad.  That was enough motivation for us to get out as a family to the Wilderness Center for a hike.  And it wasn’t really that bad.  The girls had fun looking at the birds.


Hiking on the trail.


Stopping for a snack.


And just hanging out. 


Jeremy and I enjoyed the fresh air and the break from the normal routine, too.


Finally, my parents celebrated their 40th anniversary on Saturday.  40 years!  What an accomplishment.  I think the biggest accomplishment is not that they are still married and living together, but that they still love each other – and you can tell.  I think there are people who are basically just living together out of convenience, which I think is not the worst thing, but not really the best thing.  So, when I see them together, and I know they are still working at being soul mates, spouses, friends, parents, grandparents, and (dare I say it…) lovers, it is a cool thing.  Even more amazing, is the way that they do this despite my dad’s health issues.  He does what he can to support mom with things around the house.  Mom has taken on the role of supporting them financially.  Dad keeps fairly upbeat about life, when I think many people would be lost in depression and hopelessness.  Mom is an encourager and a realist.  They have a good balance.  it may not be what they envisioned at this point in their marriage, but it has not detoured them from it.  So, thanks, Mom and Dad, for setting that example for your kids and others in your sphere of influence.


Have a great week!

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