Monday, May 4, 2015


Welcome to another week.  The sun has been shining here in Ohio for the past three days, and it has been amazing!  On Saturday, Megan (my niece) came over for a sleepover.  The girls were super excited about this.  The day just got better because Sam and Lilli were also over, so Luke and Steph, Jeremy and I could plan for youth group.  On top of that, Chloe and Paxon came, too, because they were staying at Luke and Steph’s house.  So many cousins, so much fun.  The best part for us… it was nice outside, and they all played outside or split up between out and in.  In short, we had few interruptions.  We had PB&J sandwiches for lunch, and then split by households for the rest of the day.

The girls had a snack outside mid-afternoon- after playing on the swings, the climber, and the sand box.  Ellie even got to skip her nap! 

DSC_4955  DSC_4956DSC_4957     DSC_4958

That evening, we took them to the Dari-ette to grab a bite to eat while we watched grand march at Dalton.  (Grand March is when all the prom attendees get dropped off and you see their outfits.)  The girls enjoyed seeing their dresses… for about 30 minutes. 


We headed back to the Dari-ette for a bite of ice cream afterwards.  Finally, they made it home, had a fun bath time, read stories, had talking time, and were out. It was good fun for all.

Sunday, we had a meeting regarding SWAP – the service trip we are taking the youth (and our kids) on.  It went well, and I think we are on track for the trip to go smoothly.  At least I am hoping that is the case!  We have about a month til departure.

In the evening, we headed to my parents’ house.  They had put up a zip line.  Yep, a zip line.  They now have a climbing set, a swing set, a trampoline, a playhouse, basketball hoops, and a zip line.  It is like our very own fun center!  With just a little bit of danger, right?  Madison thought she didn’t want to even get on the seat, but I told her she at least had to sit on it.  Once she got the feel of it, she didn’t want off.

DSC_4963    DSC_4967    DSC_4970

Ellie, on the other hand, thought she was so excited about it.  Once I went to put her on, she stiffened up and refused.  We did get her to go on the seat and even ride all by herself for a short distance.  Mostly, she liked playing in the sand box.

DSC_4971    DSC_4972

Dad came up with the idea to put the bucket swing on the zip line.  I am a little weary of it, but it seemed to work without tipping.  So… (and no, I am not pregnant, but sure look like it in this picture!)


Injury count: mom bailed off the first night, dad bailed off the first night, Lilli tapped her head on the tree, and I got a burn from holding the bungee when my dad when down.  I think we are doing pretty good, just working out the kinks!

This week is full of fun – Madison is helper at preschool with Grandpa DeeDee; Madison has her preschool program; I sub a half day; we celebrate my mom’s birthday/mother’s day celebration.  I am hoping for the continuation of great weather, but I am sure we need a little rain in there somewhere too.

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