Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Locks of Love

So, I started growing my hair out and decided to keep it growing until it was long enough to donate.  I honestly thought my hair would never get long enough – it always seemed to stop right about my shoulders.  I mentioned my plans to donate to my sister-in-law Steph whose hair was already much longer than mine.  She said she would do it with me.  So, the growing began in earnest. 

I checked at my early summer appointment the length of my hair – 11 inches from tip to root.  I let it go during the summer – easy to put up for the beach and the heat.  I knew I would have a short cut at the end of it regardless. 

Steph gave the go-ahead about 2 weeks ago, so I made a call.  Today was the day.  Here we are before

DSC_5702     DSC_5703

And after

DSC_5705    DSC_5704

She, obviously, had a lot longer hair than me.  We both donated the same amount – 10 inches.  The after pictures are just after a wet cut with no styling.  I think we look pretty good for not really doing our hair.  We’ll see how it goes when we actually do it.  She commented on how much lighter her hair felt.  I just noticed mine didn’t hang down.  Hers is much thicker than mine, so I am sure that makes a difference. 

It will soon be in the mail and on its way to someone who needs much more than we do.  It was good motivation to go short for me,

Thursday, August 20, 2015

First Day of Kindergarten

It has arrived.  For some it is a dreaded day.  For others, it is a day of freedom.  I think I fall somewhere in the middle.  I had no tears or qualms at kindergarten registration or screening.  I felt no nervous butterflies in my stomach at open house.  I thought that watching Madison get on the bus might actually do me in.  But, it really didn’t. 

She is just so excited!!!  I just feel so happy for her.  She was ready to conquer the world this morning.  In fact, she was ready before she needed to be ready – at 6:20, she came creeping in our room wondering just how long it would be until school. 

Oh, honey, I hope you keep this enthusiasm.  I hope no one takes away your joy to learn, to be with others, and to experience new things.  I hope you have the courage to stand up for what is right and back down from a fight that is not worth fighting.  I hope you show the love of Jesus to others through your kind words, your smile, and your gentleness.  I hope you continue to dream big. 

I know the realities of school.  I have taught for 10ish years.  I see the differences between small town schools and large city suburban schools.  I also see the similarities.  I roll over the day one of my students told me my daughter was going to be “soft” if she didn’t put down others, and that she wouldn’t make it.  And I remember that I told him I would rather have her known for her kind words than a mean spirit.  But it also makes me worry.  Will she be strong enough to stand up to someone who is pushing her around?  Will she remember that her worth is not in what others say about her, but solely in the value that God has given her as His?  Will she remember that she is His princess the day someone calls her a baby or teases her or leaves her out?  Will she see injustice and reach out to those on the fringe?  Will she be brave enough to do that? 

Have I set these examples?  Have I talked with her enough about loving others?  Have we learned how words are powerful – for good and bad?  Have I taught her that there are times you just need to walk away?  Oh, I hope. 

I know this… I know she is loved.  I know she knows Jesus.  I know she has a teacher who cares.  I know she knows at least one other person in her classroom.  I know she is excited.  I know she was ready for this day.  I know she will learn about so much more than just how to read (although this is what she is most excited about doing this year!).  I know she will experience much more than I may ever hear about at home.  I know it is my job to cultivate opportunities to talk about what was good, what was bad, and what she didn’t understand.  And I hope I can do this part right. 

So, this day begins her journey.  Right now, she wants to be a beautician, a face painter, and a manicurist.  We’ll see where God leads her.

DSC_5692     DSC_5694DSC_5699    DSC_5700

Monday, August 10, 2015

It’s been awhile

You know when you have been away for awhile, and you don’t know where to start catching up, so you just keep putting it off?  That’s where I am at right now.  I know the blog is severely behind… maybe not even one post in July!  We have done so much in between there, and I honestly do not think I can actually catch up.  I realize most of you reading this see us on a fairly regular basis, so missing out on some of it is not really a big deal.  For me this is also my record keeping space (I was going to say journaling space, but that would imply a lot more personal revelations are written, and they are not), so to know that some of the craziest weeks of our lives are just “missing” from here, feels funny. 

So, what have I missed recording?  Well, here is a fairly detailed list…

  • Madison at Fairy Tale Dance Camp
  • Ellie at Creative Movement
  • Playdates
  • Our 9th Anniversary
  • a vacation with the Yoh family to Michigan City
  • Packing our home
  • helping with a garage sale with my friend Laura (truth be told, she took my baby stuff, priced it, set up the sale, and ran it for all but one day)
  • Closing on our first house we purchased together as a couple
  • Moving boxes to our new home
  • a vacation with the Ediger family to Myrtle Beach
  • moving furniture to our new home
  • Having fun at the MCC Relief Sale
  • Madison going to see Cinderella at Playhouse Square with Grandma Yoh, Marianne and Erin
  • The chicken BBQ complete with horse rides
  • SYF lake party
  • SYF Sunday school room rehab night, with footprints painted on the wall
  • Kindergarten screening (a little deal, I know, but a step in a new direction)

And life changing things that don’t fit in bullet points, like the passing of my uncle Verney and Jeremy’s dad being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer… those things are the heavy things that life throws at you.  If I avoid blogging, I may get to avoid some of the emotion of thinking about them, too. 

So, one day, I will write about at least a few of those, post some of the best pictures, and tell a story or two.  My goal – before the end of August.  Stay tuned until then.