Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fair Fun

The fair is becoming a tradition in our home.  While we went to the fair every year, I don’t remember it being a big deal growing up.  We never showed animals or spent much time there.  There were four of us kids, and the fair – let’s be honest – is not cheap once in the gate.  (The admission is cheap at $3!)  Our girls are enjoying some of the free stuff – animal barns and other buildings,  But they are also really starting to enjoy the rides.  We did not splurge on the unlimited wristband this year, but I foresee that happening in the very near future.  Instead they rode two rides on Sunday when we went as a family and two more rides on Monday when I took them while Jeremy worked.  As Madison pointed out, that was FOUR rides!  So, here is a recap in pictures:

The animals… The girls (particularly Ellie) were much braver this year about get up close and personal with the animals.  It was cool to watch them interacting and feeling the differences between the animal coats. 

11144410_10206181418228418_6818014595591921213_o   12000982_10206181443749056_3326428391730587393_oDSC_5763    DSC_576411145213_10206181442989037_1591156545127409870_o

Rides, Day 1… Madison conquered the Wave Runner and the Motorcycles

11244584_10206181442869034_888644874419675088_o     11999704_10206181442829033_3506695642582112891_o

Ellie conquered the Ferris Wheel and the Carousel

12006540_10153302741945547_2153745304897739104_o12003381_10153302741830547_3101458162962546008_n     12009557_10153302741840547_5401701861165929553_n12020010_10153302741955547_1303675017680830356_n

Rides, Day 2… Madison rode the Dragon Wagon and the Carousel

DSC_5736     DSC_5739DSC_5749    DSC_5751

Ellie rode the Cars and the Crazy Bus

DSC_5740DSC_5746DSC_5756     DSC_5757

On Monday, we watched Triway band perform because Jeremy’s cousin was performing (and they played late enough we made it in time); she is the girl with the bass drum.

DSC_5726     DSC_5731DSC_5727

Miscellaneous pictures

DSC_5759   DSC_5761   DSC_576011999719_10206181418188417_8570340574984379735_o 12006635_10206181450949236_3514458743039074607_o

Finally, on Tuesday night, Jeremy and I worked checking passes and stamps at the Exhibitors’ Gate; it is a fundraiser for the SYF.  Jennifer and Arturo graciously agreed to watch the girls while we did this AND spent some time on a fair date.  We finished our job at 7:30, grabbed some food, and headed to get tickets for the Clint Black concert.  At the ticket booth doors, a lady Jeremy knew from high school sold us her extra tickets – $10 for TWO tickets… it was a ridiculously low price considering they were about $20-25 each.  We actually offered her more, but she refused, and we relished the cheap date night we had just acquired!  The concert was fun.  I hadn’t listened to much Clint Black since high school since they rarely play him on the radio anymore.  I enjoy his music and didn’t realize how many hits he had. 

DSC_5770    DSC_5768

I think we are done with fair week, although there are two days left.  I have been there Saturday (working the ticket gate), Sunday (as a family), Monday (with the girls), and Tuesday (work and fun).  It is enough for me.  Until next year….

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ellie’s First Day of Preschool

The day arrived (yesterday) where I had BOTH my girls in school.  Yep, Ellie went to preschool for the very first time.  She was so excited and proud to be able to go.  I think she has watched her big sister do it, and it was finally her turn.  She picked out her clothes the night before – pink, pink, and pink…. but sporty pink!  She requested baked oatmeal for breakfast.  She “helped” Madison on the bus.  And she waited her turn to load the golden bus (er, van) to go to school. 

DSC_5712     DSC_5714     DSC_5715

When we arrived, she posed in front of the sign.  She will be going for two years to preschool, so it is good to distinguish! 


She went in, stood in line for her name tag, and picked the slide to start playing.  Although she did ask me not to leave, I think it was more habit than need.  She was fine when I did actually go.


I picked her up – still smiling and full of energy.  She shared about her day: circle time was best, went outside to twirl ribbons, goldfish and water for snack, Mrs. Kurtz only sometimes wore her glasses, and showed me the papers she brought home.  It was a good day.  I had little saddness.  I enjoyed my 2-1/2 hours – took a run/walk in Smithville and went grocery shopping without any kids!  I am not sure if I am selfish/self-centered and that is why those normal tears don’t flow, or if I just really needed a short break to revive myself.  Either way, the point is, my girl was happy and excited for this adventure.   She is craving playdates, people, and interaction.  She wants stimulation and learning.  And as much as we do at home, it is not the same as being in an environment with other kids your age.  She is ready, and I am proud of her!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Catching Up with Pictures

So, my list from a few posts ago was long.  I originally intended to post fairly independently about each of these.  I am coming to the understanding with myself that this is not going to happen.  I am not that motivated.  So, I will do one post here with a few from each thing.  It won’t cover it all, but it will suffice – and you will be caught up, I won’t feel guilty, and I can maybe be back on track!  Here goes something…

  • Madison at Fairy Tale Dance Camp

DSC_5312 Ballerina  DSC_5325

DSC_5337     DSC_5328

  • Ellie at Creative Movement

DSC_5356     DSC_5346DSC_5350

  • Playdates

IMG_0033     IMG_0186IMG_0198  IMG_0206  IMG_0204DSC_5690     DSC_5691

  • a vacation with the Yoh family to Michigan City


  • Packing our home; Closing on our first house we purchased together as a couple; Moving boxes to our new home; moving furniture to our new home; taking the giant bear I had growing up from my parents’ house to our new home

IMG_2932     IMG_2920

IMG_0171     IMG_2931

  • helping with a garage sale with my friend Laura (truth be told, she took my baby stuff, priced it, set up the sale, and ran it for all but one day)


  • a vacation with the Ediger family to Myrtle Beach


  • Having fun at the MCC Relief Sale

IMG_0175     IMG_0176     IMG_0178

  • Madison going to see Cinderella at Playhouse Square with Grandma Yoh, Marianne and Erin


  • The chicken BBQ complete with horse rides

DSC_5683     DSC_5684     DSC_5686

  • Ellie’s first haircut (barely cut, I would call it!)

IMG_0021     IMG_0025     IMG_0026

  • And a few more that never made it from Father’s Day:

IMG_0068     IMG_0084IMG_0070       IMG_0074

  • And from this past week’s cuteness!

IMG_0221     IMG_0226IMG_0228     IMG_0233

That’s it for now.  I think I am on track to be on track.  I am also starting my grad class next week…. Have a great Labor Day Weekend.