Saturday, November 21, 2015

November Happenings…

Getting to the blog is a losing battle for me lately.  Then again, I think I am losing the battle at a number of things.  I confessed to my friend the other day that I probably clean my house once a month.  (I do clean the bathrooms weekly… but not the shower.)  Is this bad?  I’m not sure.  I blog, it looks like, about twice a month on a good month.  I do get my children to school daily and provide food for us and I keep the clothes clean on a weekly basis.  I guess I am winning at a few things.  So, while I like to dedicate blogs to one topic because I feel I can share about it better, this will be a catch up blog – a list with some pictures basically.  Here goes….

1. Volunteering at MCC.  We are still doing this, but it is just Ellie and me.  This last time (in October) we took out cards from protective sheets.  I thought it would be baseball cards, but Cindy had a special treat for us – Barbie cards!!!  Did you even know these existed?  Ellie and I had fun looking at the styles and the pictures through the decades (50s-80s). 

IMG_0392     IMG_0393

2. Playing basketball.  Sometimes Jeremy emerges from the basement to get some fresh air.  Ellie sometimes joins him if she is around.  On this day, they shot some hoops together.  It is neat to see these moments.

IMG_0399     IMG_0400

3.  The Wilderness Center.  It has been forever since we had a weekend day free.  (Well, it feels like that anyway.)  So, we took last Sunday afternoon to go the Wilderness Center as a family.  We discovered the cool new Nature Play area they put up; if you have kids and haven’t been there recently, I totally recommend you go!  We also took some bread to feed the geese and fish.

 DSC_5965     DSC_5968     DSC_5973DSC_5977     DSC_5978

4.  Oklahoma.  (Not the musical, although every time I say that word, I want to finish with “where the waving wheat sure smells sweet when the wind comes right behind the rain”… a perk of being on stage crew in high school for this particular musical.)  My grandpa was selling his house and moving into an assisted living space, so I went out to help clean out his house.  While this seems like a selfless act at first, I was already antsy to get out west to see my family.  I flew into Kansas City; my cousin (Kristin) and aunt (Sherry) and I drove down to Oklahoma to meet my mom, dad, and brother (Nate). We meandered around the house taking in the familiar.  We spied some treasures that we might want to take home and started to make some piles; the rest would be donated or thrown away.  Sunday, the rest of my Oklahoma cousins and aunts and uncles came out to help clean out and pick through the house.  It was fun to work side-by-side together.  We were done by Monday night with just the finishing touches to be taken care of on Tuesday – much faster than we imagined!  Grandpa was fine with us taking care of his stuff, but was curious about who had taken what.  It was good to see Grandpa.  It was hard to walk out the last time.  I never know when I will make it back out there, and he is 91 years-old. 

IMG_0424 IMG_0425 IMG_0438

Words of wisdom I found while cleaning at Grandpa’s: (“I have had better days, but I have had worse.  I don’t have all that I want, but I have all that I need.  I wake up with aches and pains, but I wake up.  I may not be perfect, but I am blessed.”)


5.  The Wilderness Center.  Again!  I called up some friends for a playdate because it was going to be in the 60s and sunny … in mid-November!!!  How can you pass that up.  The girls had fun together.

IMG_0477   IMG_0478   IMG_0485

6.  Youth Group.  We have been busy – a fall party, making cinnamon rolls for the Thanksgiving Day sale, and putting together Christmas trees for MCC. 

DSC_5895   DSC_5928DSC_5951     IMG_0456     IMG_0461

7.  The Monster boogie.  Words cannot do it justice!  I can’t get it to upload, so you’ll have to click here.  It will be worth the extra time, I promise!

What is to come? Thanksgiving, visits from Jeremy’s siblings and their families, Christmas shopping, family time, baking, the start of the Advent calendar, and more.  I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.  Until later….

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Happy Halloween!

So, this year, we had a purple dragon and Elsa.  I suppose every princess needs a fearless dragon to protect her, right?  They were so incredibly cute and beautiful.  We decided to do trunk-or-treat again this year because I was going to go to Oklahoma to help with my Grandpa’s house clean out over actual Halloween.  The day was beautiful (maybe a little cool for Elsa, but at least the sun was shining).  The girls had a lot of fun.  Here we are getting ready to start:


DSC_5899     DSC_5902

Getting to try out a few of the “trunks”

DSC_5903 DSC_5904

We even found some of our cousins there – Bumblebee Lilli and Ninja Turtle Sam!


And we found Grandma and Grandpa Yoh!

DSC_5911     DSC_5914

From there, we headed to a house, especially open to trick-or-treaters like us… and a few others.

DSC_5915     DSC_5917DSC_5926

We played with the Sam and Lilli awhile…

DSC_5918     DSC_5921

Then, a few more cousins found us – Batman Landen and Burglar Cale.


The girls also went to Shady Lawn to meet and greet the older generation of the community.  It was a good experience for both parties, I believe!


Then, when I was gone, they went to Grandma and Grandpa Yoh’s to trick-or-treat in their community. 


Then, one final fun picture to end the night!