Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas #4

And the last one… The Bricker Christmas (Jeremy’s extended family).  This Christmas is a lot of hanging out and noise and laughter and food.  Not much different from the other ones now that I think about it, just an older group of people – the girls and Theo are the only kids.  The girls main role is to be little elves and pass out the gifts.  I think this is a neat tradition.  It helps them continue to put faces to names, and they feel really important – because they are … we are all to old to get up and down to pass out gifts!

DSC_6365DSC_6366     DSC_6367

After gift opening it is time to play.  Usually someone has brought or received a game that needs tried out.  Besides a rocking rabbit suit….


This year the game was Pie Face.  It was, I noticed on Facebook, all the rage among our friends with young kids.  Amanda received it this year.  So, we tested it out.  This is how it works: You spin the spinner and get a number.  You click the lever that many times.  The hand that holds the whip cream may or may not blast you in the face.  It is all random.  Alyssa went first, followed by Madison (who, surprisingly, was up for the challenge!).  This is what ensued…

DSC_6374  DSC_6375  DSC_6376

Then, some people volunteered to try it

DSC_6378     DSC_6379

Ellie never did it.  Even watching, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!


Some were pressured into it after intense chanting of their name. 

DSC_6390     DSC_6391DSC_6398     DSC_6399DSC_6400     DSC_6401

Some did it and made it out without a pie face on the first round…

DSC_6381     DSC_6383DSC_6388     DSC_6397

It made a mess, but it was highly entertaining!  Until next year, when I know another crazy game will arrive…

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