Monday, February 22, 2016

“Snow” Much Fun

(Get it? The title…)  I said if it wasn’t going to snow and be cold this winter, I would learn to enjoy it, but I still wanted just one week of deep snow to sled and build snowmen.  We finally got some of the white stuff last week.  (This weekend it was in the 50s and 60s and melted it all!)  So, we had fun.  Ellie and I played outside one day while Madison was at school. 

IMG_0858     IMG_0860IMG_0861

Then, Madison joined us after school.  The snow pack-ability had lessened some, but it was still a good time.

IMG_0866  IMG_0862  IMG_0867IMG_0874     IMG_0870IMG_0869

Jeremy and the girls worked at building some BIG snowmen the night before we got a lot of snow.  The snow rolled really well, and their snowmen prove it!  At some point, Ellie got cold and went inside.  She couldn’t help but watch out of the window and constantly hold the door open to shout things at them. 

DSC_6736     DSC_6738DSC_6737     DSC_6740     DSC_6746DSC_6743

Madison also got a day OFF school – her first snow day!  We went sledding at Rachael Clark’s house with her and her kids.  This was a blast, but I didn’t want to drag a camera or a phone out there.  The snow was super wet.  But their hill is long and fun.  The perk for the kids is that Rachael would take them UP the hill on the four wheeler.  It makes sledding last much longer when you ware working with little legs.  She and I talked though and both agree that as adults we could sled all day – a super fun way to get a workout in!

The next night after school, we bundled up and tried out Jericho Hill.  The sledders the day before had done a fantastic job of packing down the snow, and we flew over it like it were a sheet of ice. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Well this holiday of love has arrived.  While Jeremy and I have fluctuated on how we celebrate this over the years, we at least try to get each other a card.  We have celebrated as a family for the last few years.  Last year, we started a family tradition that I think we will try to keep up.  The girls pick out our “fancy clothes” (read: the clothes Jeremy and I never really wear because we are fairly casual people).  They also pick out their own fancy outfits.  Then, I make a nice supper.  Finally, there is some kind of dessert.  Last year, they helped decorate a cake.  This year we did a cake and cupcakes.  While these are not my favorite choices for a dessert, it is perfect for them because they can help in preparing them and making them special.  We also take a picture.

So, here is was this year:

Decorate Pretty Desserts to Eat.  The girls also made some hearts that we attached to streamers as decoration this year.

DSC_6699     DSC_6700DSC_6701     DSC_6702DSC_6706

Fancy outfits chosen (and picture taken):


Delicious Supper – this year it was Maple-Glazed Salmon with Sweet Potatoes and Broccoli (The kids love fish, so this was perfect!):


This year we added one more thing since we had a lot of cupcakes… We invited grandparents to join us for dessert!

DSC_6727     DSC_6730DSC_6732     DSC_6733

It was a good day.  Jeremy had already bought roses for me; a thing he does almost every year.  He also brought me some delicious chocolate.  The girls received dress up doll magnets and candy hearts.  Jeremy got a card with some words of appreciation in it and some candy hearts.  None of the gifts are meant to be extravagant, just a way to show people we love them. 


Until next year…