Monday, April 25, 2016

Rainbow Cookies

Ellie was bored this morning as soon as Madison got on the bus.  She asked to play on the iPad; I said no.  She asked to go back to bed; I said yes.  She lasted 2 minutes.  She asked to bake bread; I said maybe.  She asked to look at pictures of bread on the iPad; so we did.  We turned down Auntie Anne’s pretzels – dough had to rise.  We turned down spritz cookies – looked intimidating to learn how to use my cookie press.  We turned down granola bars – okay, just Ellie turned this one down; I was all for it because it seemed pretty easy.  Finally, she settled on these Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies from Deliciously Different.  I honestly thought this would be my first ultimate pinterest fail.  But we forged ahead. 

I used my aunt Darlene’s Christmas cookie recipe as the base.  We divided it into five sections, added food color to each one, and allowed to chill.  Then, the work began.  We divided each color of dough into grape-size balls.  Ellie rolled the five different colors on a plate.

IMG_1113     IMG_1114

I took those colors and rolled them in a coil and twisted them up to look like a cinnamon roll. 


I dipped them in some sprinkles, and sent them to the oven for 7 minutes.  They came out looking pretty good if I do say so myself. 


We are going to deliver them to some friends this afternoon.  Bake and take – that’s my motto!


Happy Birthday, Spring… and me!

I celebrate my birthday this month.  It usually means that I actually have to recalculate how old I am.  For the rest of the year, I just imagine I am whatever age I want to be – you know, like upper 20s, low 30s.  It not true, and my body is starting to remind me that is not true, but it is just easier.  I like when my birthday is remembered by those around me, but I don’t feel like I need lots of gifts or a party.  I would like to go out for my birthday, but not necessarily on my birthday.  And I did that this year.  My parents took me out early in the week to Rockne’s; I love this restaurant!  I met a friend for dinner after class mid-week; not on purpose for my birthday kind of dinner, but I figure it counts.  And then, this past weekend, Jeremy arranged for my parents to watch the girls while we went to Columbus for the Garth Brooks concert and dinner out and a night at a hotel.  This was, quite possibly, the most expensive birthday present I’ve gotten (with the exception of the hot water heater I got one year!). 

IMG_1093     IMG_1099

It was an incredible concert.  I am not really a fan of concerts; Jeremy is.  So, I have gone to quite a few over the years.  Some I like better than others.  I did, however, say I would like to go see Garth.  I like his music, and it has the added benefit of being from a time when I was much younger!  He sang a lot of songs.  He also entertained.  While I have thoroughly enjoyed my George Strait concerts, Garth Brooks is a different type of concert.  More flash, more lights, more running around.  But it wasn’t over the top.  Cell phones lit up the stadium for “The River” and Trisha Yearwood did a mini tribute to Prince singing Purple Rain.  (Only pics I have)

IMG_1100     IMG_1103

So, thanks, Jeremy, for finding us good seats.  And, thanks, Mom and Dad, for watching the girls so we could get away. 

Spring is arriving, too.  Despite the snowstorm we had a few weekends ago, spring is truly coming.  Here are signs of the times that I have seen over the past week or so.

IMG_1085  IMG_1126   IMG_1124IMG_1090     IMG_1121

Enjoy the warm days, mowing lawn, dandelions, spring rain, flowers, barefeet, short sleeves, spring breezes, and later nights. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cinderella… Fairy of the Spring

Grandma and Grandpa Yoh gifted Madison with ballet lessons this year for her birthday.  As a part of that she was able to be a part of the spring performance of Cinderella.  At first, she was scared she was going to have to be a mouse.  She didn’t have to.  (But the mice in the ballet were super cute!)  Instead, she rehearsed every Saturday since January to be a “Fairy of the Spring.”  There were fairies for every season that helped the fairy godmaother present Cinderella with her magical pieces – a dress, a tiara, a pumpkin (carriage), and glass slippers.  I think these little fairies stole the show.  They were the youngest dancers (4-8 year olds I would guess) and obviously adorable. 

Here she is ready to go:

IMG_1067     DSC_6869

It took me a number of youtube videos and lots of gel and hairspray to perfect this bun!  She danced with four other spring fairies – a few veterans and one newbie like her. 


It was a lot of work the week of the performance as it is with any drama/performing arts program.  We were there for two hours on Sunday, Thursday, and Friday to practice.  Every night I told Jeremy, “Madison is adorable, but something is not going right in the group.”  Part of what was not “going right” is that Madison had to lead the fairies in a circular pattern at one point before splitting off into two groups.  She did a few too many circles every time and no one knew when to split apart.  Finally, on Saturday while practicing in the hallway before the first performance, she GOT IT!!!!  I was so proud of her!  The spring fairies looked much more orderly after that.  They were still not perfectly in-sync, but that is what makes them so cute, right? 

I helped backstage for rehearsals and the first performance on Saturday.  The girls had to be there an hour before the performance, and then wait for their part about 20 minutes into the ballet.  It was a long time to be so pretty and careful in costume.  They did a great job though.  Most of their time was spent coloring. 


On Sunday, I was able to watch from the audience along with Grandma and Grandpa Yoh,

DSC_6874     DSC_6878

Grandma and Grandpa Ediger,


Luke, Steph, Sam, and Lilli,


Ken and Lois,


and Jeremy and Ellie.  It was so awesome!

DSC_6877     DSC_6881

Afterwards, the girls wanted to take pictures with all the ballerinas.  I told a fellow dance mom it was like being at Disney and needing to get pictures with all the characters.  Thankfully, the lines weren’t long.

Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother

DSC_6884     DSC_6887

The Stepmother and The Stepsisters (Haughty and Naughty)

DSC_6889     DSC_6892

And her dance instructor, Miss Stephanie.


It was a new experience to be a part of.  I hadn’t ever seen Madison on such a big stage.  I had seen her sing at preschool and on the risers at school, but those were minor in comparison.  I was proud of Madison for her courage to go out on stage in front of everyone.  She loved it! 

Here is her part on video: ON YOUTUBE… click here.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Sleepovers and Goats

The Saturday before Easter, I took the girls to see baby goats.  My neice is going to be getting on to raise as a 4-H project, and the couple that owns them go to our church.  They had two goats have babies.  Usually, goats have two babies and no more.  BOTH of the goats had four goats each!  He now has EIGHT baby goats to raise, sell, and care for.  John (owner’s name) said he has been raising goats for almost 20 years and only twice has he had goats give birth to three at one time, but never quadruplets!  So cool.  The goats are adorable, and you can pet them like they are puppies.  The girls weren’t very scared of them which I was pleasantly surprised by.  Here they are

DSC_6752    DSC_6754

Aren’t they adorable?


This past Saturday, I worked at the machinery sale food trailer with the youth group, while Jeremy moved wood chips around and took Madison to ballet.  When I got home, this is what I was greeted with

DSC_6843     DSC_6846     DSC_6847DSC_6848

Awesome, huh?  They are superheros.  Both of them came up with their own costumes.  What I thought was really neat was Madison created her own mask.  She told me about how she had to keep stapling small pieces together to get the band the right size.  She even managed to cut out eyeholes!  I helped Ellie cut and measure her mask to decorate.  They were gearing up for a sleepover with their cousin, Megan.  I called to see if I could pick her up early so they wouldn’t keep asking “When is Megan coming?”  It worked out.  She joined the superhero team shortly after arriving.

DSC_6851     DSC_6853DSC_6852

The girls had a great time flying around the house and creating stories to act out.  I had them roll out their own pizza dough and then top it with whatever toppings they thought they would like.


While I finished Jeremy and I’s pizza, they started a resturant up in the living room. There was a lot of activity at that restaurant – ordering, cooking, and serving!  After supper, we cleaned up, made ice cream sundaes, and got ready for bed.  We gave them 15 minutes of talking time, which sounded fairly loud and rambunctious.  I was worried they would have trouble shutting down, but they didn’t.  I asked them one time and did not hear a peep the rest of the night. 

After church on Sunday, we at lunch, watched Cinderella, and then got ready to go ice skating.  We had Megan’s name for Christmas and had given her ice skating and dinner as the gift.  So, we had Christmas in April! 


The rink wasn’t too crowded, and we had a great time.  Megan took off on her own; she was pretty fast on the skates and rarely wanted to stop… even for a quick picture. 


Madison and Jeremy took the first laps together.  She got better as the time went on – only holding on with one had to us and moving with us at a good pace. 

DSC_0145     DSC_0148

Ellie was very hesitant the first lap around.  She gained courage as the hour passed and was moving along between our legs pretty well. (I don’t have one of her on the ice because usually whoever was Ellie’s partner also had the camera.)


It was a great time.  We went to Wendy’s (of course!) for supper – cheeseburgers, fries, and frostys!  Then, Megan headed back home.


Have a great week.