Monday, April 25, 2016

Happy Birthday, Spring… and me!

I celebrate my birthday this month.  It usually means that I actually have to recalculate how old I am.  For the rest of the year, I just imagine I am whatever age I want to be – you know, like upper 20s, low 30s.  It not true, and my body is starting to remind me that is not true, but it is just easier.  I like when my birthday is remembered by those around me, but I don’t feel like I need lots of gifts or a party.  I would like to go out for my birthday, but not necessarily on my birthday.  And I did that this year.  My parents took me out early in the week to Rockne’s; I love this restaurant!  I met a friend for dinner after class mid-week; not on purpose for my birthday kind of dinner, but I figure it counts.  And then, this past weekend, Jeremy arranged for my parents to watch the girls while we went to Columbus for the Garth Brooks concert and dinner out and a night at a hotel.  This was, quite possibly, the most expensive birthday present I’ve gotten (with the exception of the hot water heater I got one year!). 

IMG_1093     IMG_1099

It was an incredible concert.  I am not really a fan of concerts; Jeremy is.  So, I have gone to quite a few over the years.  Some I like better than others.  I did, however, say I would like to go see Garth.  I like his music, and it has the added benefit of being from a time when I was much younger!  He sang a lot of songs.  He also entertained.  While I have thoroughly enjoyed my George Strait concerts, Garth Brooks is a different type of concert.  More flash, more lights, more running around.  But it wasn’t over the top.  Cell phones lit up the stadium for “The River” and Trisha Yearwood did a mini tribute to Prince singing Purple Rain.  (Only pics I have)

IMG_1100     IMG_1103

So, thanks, Jeremy, for finding us good seats.  And, thanks, Mom and Dad, for watching the girls so we could get away. 

Spring is arriving, too.  Despite the snowstorm we had a few weekends ago, spring is truly coming.  Here are signs of the times that I have seen over the past week or so.

IMG_1085  IMG_1126   IMG_1124IMG_1090     IMG_1121

Enjoy the warm days, mowing lawn, dandelions, spring rain, flowers, barefeet, short sleeves, spring breezes, and later nights. 

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