Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A little bit of Everything

Last week we had three days of fun with friends.  On Tuesday, Jeremy and I needed to plan for SYF things with Luke and Steph, so we headed to their house for dinner and planning.  The kids love these nights simply because they get to play for as long as it takes us to finish.  Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for us!), we have gotten better at planning more efficiently and in less time.  This time, Lilli took her face paints to their faces.  She did a great job – a budding face artist.  They played like this for awhile.  When we were in the car, Ellie says, “Do I have any paint left on?”  This is what I saw when I turned around.  I just laughed because I am pretty sure she had just as much paint as when Lilli did it.

IMG_1127     IMG_1129

On Wednesday, we had a get together with our story time friends.  There were three of us (Rachael, Amy, and I) who would talk while our girls were in story time; it was great social time, and I looked forward to it every week.  We realized that we could still get together even though there was no story time.  So, two weeks ago, we went to Rachael’s; this past week, we were at Amy’s.  We got a tour of the farmhouse they remodeled, and a tour of the dairy farm – complete with robots who milk the cows!  It was so cool. 

IMG_1135     IMG_1139

On Thursday, Steph, Landen, Ellie, and I went to Alice Noble Ice Rink to skate for an hour.  They had free skates on Thursday afternoons in April, so I wanted to take advantage of it once.  Landen had never been, but he was a real trooper.  He got pretty sure footed as the hour past by.  He even attempted to jump, but couldn’t get off the ice.  Steph explained that we weren’t quite there yet!  Ellie progressed to holding just one of my hands and the wall.  This was much easier on my back!  It was a good time.

IMG_1140     IMG_1156IMG_1148     IMG_1150IMG_1144     IMG_1143IMG_1149     IMG_1146

Saturday, we went and celebrated Paxon’s first communion with him.  I didn’t bring my camera for pictures, but he looked very spiffy in his suit.  We went to their house for lunch and play time afterwards.  That turned into a surprise sleepover for the girls and Megan – and a surprise date night for Jeremy and me!  Apparently, they had a lot of fun, especially because my brother decided it was a true sleepover and fed them Fruity Pebbles with marshmallows and ice cream sandwiches!  Jeremy and I went to eat at Old Carolina and then rented the movie The Intern, excellent movie by the way!  We took Jeremy’s mom and dad out to eat for mother’s day (early) after church on Sunday.  Then, headed to pick up the girls. 

Oh, we went to Sky Max trampoline center with the youth group two Sundays ago.  It was a blast…. and I was sore for at least a week.  I am not made like I used to be.  I did manage to impress the youth with some old school trampoline tricks! 

Not a whole lot else to report.  The weather is spotty – rain, sun, warm, cool.  You know, spring in Ohio!  The flowers are blooming and the tree leaves are coming out.  Things are looking nice.  Jeremy is working hard and getting a lot of our mulch spread out around the house.  We are working to mow down our dandelions before they become too obnoxious to look at.  The school year is winding down.  I am not sure if I am excited or not.  I have gotten used to our routine, and now we will have to adjust to something different, and I am not sure what that looks like.  It will be different than last summer because the girls play differently (better, more independently?) than they did, so we will see what happens.  Until next time… Wish your mommas Happy Mother’s Day!

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