Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Little more May

I didn’t quite get this in during the month of May like I intended, but here is the wrap up.  I honestly have no idea what happened that I didn’t post – the end of the school year? laziness? obligations?  Who knows, but I am finally doing it!

The weather took a turn away from rain for some of this month.  I was going to say a turn for the better, but it kinda jumped from 40s/50s to 80s all of a sudden.  I really like those 60s and 70s, and somehow we missed it.  Maybe June will reveal some of those temperatures to us.  Regardless, we went outside more.  The girls had fun putting on shorts, tank tops, and flip flops to have free reign in the back and front yards.  We also took a bike ride or two as a family.  Both our girls are big enough and brave enough to ride on the co-pilot bike.  I don’t have a picture of this, but I will have to get one.  It is like an extension bike to our bike so they can sit upright and pedal when we pedal.  Ellie was scared at first, but after a trial run decided that was what she really liked.  Madison, who is used to two wheels already, took to it pretty easily.  I think it will be a fun addition to the summer activity list.  Madison learned how to flip using the rings on the swing set, and has been obsessed with this since.  She transferred this skill to the swing’s ropes and can flip there, too.  It is a pretty impressive feat of strength.  Ellie has conquered standing on the swing.

DSC_6975     DSC_6979     DSC_6976     DSC_6980DSC_6984

We also put in the garden.  Jeremy worked to get the soil tilled up; Jeremiah’s (our neghbor) brother donated his services to use his tractor tiller to till up our little patch.  It made quick work of it.  Then, we took the first evening of summer break to plant seeds.  The girls enjoyed getting in on the action.

DSC_6987     DSC_6989DSC_6992     DSC_6995DSC_6996      DSC_6998DSC_7001     DSC_7003


And so with that, we say farewell, May.  May our garden grow, our days be cool, and our summer be filled with memories.