Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Let There Be Summer

Our summer has started off anything but typical.  We went to Honduras while the girls had many play dates.  Jeremy’s dad also fought his final battle against pancreatic cancer.  (I want to post on this, but it will wait.)  This feels like the first week of summer to me; although I think we had one or two week before we left for Honduras that would be similar.  The pictures are from the last few weeks, as we tried to put a little normalcy into life, and from this week, as they were set free. 

LEHMAN’S FUN DAYS… This is often a highlight of the girls’ summer.  Lehman’s has a big celebration – Customer Appreciation Days – in the summer.  They have face painting, free samples, games, ice cream available, and (the absolute best part) horse rides.  This year was no exception.  The girls LOVE being able to ride the horses.  They like learning their names, and the feeling they get when they are up high on that horse.  This year we rode Utah and Cowboy from Skyview Ranch.

IMG_1392  IMG_1399IMG_1403     IMG_1397IMG_1400

Madison wanted to get her face painted, which is something we typically do.  The line was long.  Ellie chose to go ride the horses again rather than wait in line.  Madison and I waited at least 45 minutes for a butterfly on her cheek --- which she washed off less than two hours later…


RAIN and MUD… We have not had much rain, but it has been appreciated when it came.  One day, the girls wanted to “gear up” to go out in it.  They inspected the garden and then came back in shortly after.


The next time, they went out expecting puddles and mud.  When they discovered it hadn’t rained enough to produce either, they took matters into their own hands.  I watched the magic unfold when I went out to watch them play about 30 minutes into their creative inspiration.  

DSC_0350     DSC_0349DSC_0351     DSC_0353DSC_0354     DSC_0367DSC_0371 DSC_0372 IMG_1467DSC_0375DSC_0381     DSC_0382

FAMILY and HOLIDAYS… Somewhere in here, my side of the family crammed in a birthday celebration that included 9 people!  It was a good time of swimming, train rides, food, and conversation.  It was even good weather for all of it.

DSC_0324     DSC_0309DSC_0304     DSC_0305DSC_0311     DSC_0312DSC_0320     DSC_0319DSC_0314   DSC_0321   DSC_0337DSC_0316

There was also the Fredericksburg 4th of July Parade.  Jeremy’s brother (Jason), his wife (Niki), and their son (Theo) stayed with us a few days over the Fourth.  It was fun to have guests in the house.  And especially fun having cousin Theo here; he is going on two and is a very charming boy.  The girls would have liked to have him here all summer!  One thing we learned at the parade is that it is best to wave at the floats and people; it is more entertaining, you are nicer, and there is a chance they will throw candy.  Madison was an excellent waver. 

DSC_0339   DSC_0341   DSC_0346DSC_0342   DSC_0344   DSC_0345DSC_0343

What Grows…

I was entertaining myself the other day… I was discovering all the things that grow when you don’t mow.  While I didn’t get all of them, I did get a lot of them.  We have not had to mow since before we left for Honduras over a month ago.  Jeremy has knocked down some weeds in the front just for aesthetics. 

DSC_0355     DSC_0362DSC_0363   DSC_0364   DSC_0366

Our garden is also beginning to produce some vegetables.  The flowers that come before the vegetable are a beautiful part of God’s creation.

DSC_0356     DSC_0357DSC_0358     DSC_0359DSC_0360   DSC_0361   DSC_0370

And a few other plants/flowers around our place.  I don’t necessarily love our landscaping, but there is some beauty in it. 

DSC_0379     DSC_0378DSC_0377     IMG_1084