Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fall Leaves

This is by far my favorite season.  I like winter and the snow that comes with it, but I don’t like the slow transition to spring.  I like spring and the flowers and leaves and life that returns back to the land, but it tends to rain a lot, too.  I like summer and bare toes and lightweight packing opportunities, but I get tired of the humidity and heat.  But fall, it transitions so nicely from summer – cool, crisp days mixed in with some warm days.  And it heads to winter sometimes overnight.  I am fine with that.  And I love the colors – the leaves are and the harvest colors are amazing.  I think my favorite color of leaves are the gold or orange ones.  I used to be drawn to the reds, but something about the orange and yellow with the sun shining on them brings a smile to my face every time.  I also like fall because you can play in leaves.  (I know, I know, you have to rake them or mulch them or do something with them, too!)  My girls are finding the joy in this as well.  Almost too much…  The other day, Jeremy and I went out to rake up leaves, and Ellie started crying because she wouldn’t have any leaves to play in.  We assured her more would fall!

IMG_1973     IMG_1976IMG_1981     IMG_1996IMG_1985     IMG_2002

Last Saturday, my brothers and their kids and my kids and I all got together at mom and dad’s to help them rake up leaves.  It was some last minute planning, and it worked out – so cool how that works sometimes.  The day was beautiful – sunshine, little wind, and 50s.  With 10 kids raking and 4 blowers going, we finished the entire yard in about an hour.  Record time.  It wasn’t as heavy with leaves as it has been previously, but there were still quite a few out there.

P1080117 P1080121P1080122     P1080124P1080135     P1080147P1080143

While I ordered some pizza and got lunch ready, the boys took their blowers over to the neighbor who had started in on his yard.  They helped him blow it in piles pretty quickly.  He left on an errand, and they surprised him by taking the leaves to the road to be picked up by the leaf service.  He was incredibly grateful.  Others played downstairs.  And another group hung out for story time with Grandpa.


After lunch, we hung out and cleaned up for a bit.  Then, Paxon suggested an all family kickball game.  This was a first for us.  While there are 20 of us when we all get together, which makes for pretty good competition of any sport, we don’t really do that.  I think we adults like talking and catching up too much.  And, for so many years, there were kids that were too young to really be able to join in.  Kickball, however, is a game even Ellie is able to play.  It was an absolute blast.  The adults didn’t hold back – we kicked hard and threw hard (with a few exceptions).  We ended the game tied up 21-21.  While some wanted to continue to declare a winner, there are too many of us with a competitive nature that we may not have wanted to be the “loser” or others who would gloat about being the “winner”.  This first time, it was good to end all tied up.  We’ll teach the next level of sportsmanship another day.


It made for some good memories.