Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Advent #2

And… I’ll need to go on a blogging rampage to get this all in before the year’s end.  So, here we go…

Day 7: Check out Christmas books… This is one of my favorite days.  I love the library anyway, but for some reason, I anticipate a chance to check out and start reading Christmas books.  We always find some good children’s books.  One of my favorites this year: When Posey Peeked.  The library also has a really cool imagination area that changes every so often.  When we went this time, we enjoyed playing post office.

IMG_2116     IMG_2118

Day 8: Take coloring books and supplies to Hospice Care.  When we went to be with Papa Yoh, we noticed that their children’s room had a lot of fun things – puppets, movies, stuffed animals – but no coloring books or supplies.  So, this Christmas, the girls and I picked out coloring books, crayons, markers, and colored pencils.  The girls enjoyed this.


Day 9: Make a birdfeeder.  For the second year in a row, we have not done this one.  Obviously, the girls do not find this as exciting as me to make it a priority.  I am going to try again this year to make it sometime this year. 

Day 10: Go to a live nativity.  Usually, we go to Oak Grove Mennonite’s live nativity, but this year, it fell on the same date and time as our youth group Christmas party.  So, I searched for another one.  I found one in North Canton at Holy Cross Lutheran church. It was a hit as well.  Very well done.  The girls liked it.  It is such a ministry and a gift from the churches that do this.  Ellie wanted nothing to do with the live animals due to a frisky llama in the pen.


Day 11: Thank your pastor.  This one was super hard for the girls.  Even though they know Pastor Kevin well, they had a hard time walking up, looking him in the eye, and saying, “Thank you for being our pastor.”  He was patient, and it was good practice. 

Day 12: Family Game Night.  The girls love this whenever we do it.  We made it through without anyone crying… which is always a win.  We played Hullabaloo, I Spy Go Fish, and Candy Land. 

Day 13: Make a gift for your teacher.  We were like Santa’s elves.  It is hard to figure out how many of the teachers to make gifts for.  I think the homeroom teacher would be enough, but I know the teachers of specials (music, art, etc) get forgotten.  And I really appreciate the opportunity my kids have to go to these classes as well.  So, for this year, we did everyone.  We tied ribbons and notes to flavored boxes of hot chocolate, made snowman jars filled with coated ritz bitz, made rudolph and snowman cups filled with chocolates, and whisks filled with kisses (I “whisk” you a merry “kiss-mas”).  It was fun – and intense. 

Day 14: Make a card or pictures for Great-Grandpa Jantzen.  My grandpa is not doing well health-wise right now.  We were able to go visit him in August and I am so glad we did.  So, we decided to send him some homemade pictures to maybe brighten his day when they deliver mail.  I didn’t get it sent for another week, but we did work on this. 

Day 15: Take food to the food pantry.  We took a trip to Buehlers with a list of some of the most needed things at a food pantry.  The girls each pushed their small carts and chose the types of fruit, vegetables, beans, pasta, peanut butter, etc.  They had a few too many things to do the self-check, but enjoyed putting it on the belt.  We took our food to Everence where there was a drop off. I didn’t realize until we dropped it off that the food donated there would be going to a local family.  Although we don’t know who, it was neat to think it was someone in our very own community. 

Day 16: Help wrap presents.  This always takes a little longer than I think it will.  They are getting better at it, so eventually, it will actually take less time.  Madison can pretty much do it on her own once I help her measure out the right size of paper.  They enjoyed tying ribbons and attaching candy canes to all the gifts.  This was in preparation for the Ediger Christmas.

The other preparation we did for the Ediger Christmas is bake some desserts.  Ellie and I did this on Friday so it would be fresh.  I told her we needed to pull our hair back; she decided we needed to put hair nets (aka plastic dish covers) on as well.  We made brownies, snickerdoodle bars, and monster cookie bars.  She was a super helper. 

IMG_2158     IMG_2159

Until I have time to post the Ediger Christmas festivities…

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