Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Our Christmas

Merry Christmas! 

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The girls woke up at a reasonable time today.  They found a note and some crumbs that Santa left behind. 


Then, they were ready to do the gift thing!  But… we held them off with breakfast – eggs and potatoes. 

Finally, it was time.  They said good-bye to all their Advent calendars – the toilet paper Chrsitmas trees they filled with candy for each other, and the official Advent calendar they opened each morning for the activity.  After this, they did stockings.


They opened gifts right after – karaoke machine, sewing machine, balls, p.j.s with matching doll p.j.s, and some other little stuff. 

DSC_1774     DSC_1775

Jeremy continued his tradition of giving me jewelry from World Crafts.  He did a good job picking out a necklace and earrings!  Jeremy gifted me a weekend away this winter with him.  We hope the snow continues, and we can take advantage of it on the slopes.  We gave the girls a weekend trip to Columbus as well.  Last year, we went because Madison had go to the mall on her Christmas list.  It was a lot of fun, so hopefully, we will find a good time to do that.

The rest of the day was a loss for me.  I went to bed right after lunch and slept and slept.  Jeremy took the girls over to his mom’s to hang out with her, Jen, and Arturo.  They came back to grab the crockpot supper I had started that morning.  I stayed home and laid on the couch. 

They all seemed to have a great Christmas day.  For that I am thankful.  I would rather be the one sick than one of the girls.  A) I’ll get over missing some things. B) If one of them is sick, then an adult has to stay back too.  I went to the doctor today – no flu, no strep… just a virus that comes with a super sore throat, aches, chills, fatigue, and a low grade fever.  Madison was done with her virus in about 3 days; here’s hoping mine is short-lived, too.  (I am at least awake and blogging, instead of chained to my bed with no energy.)

Ediger Christmas

We started our fun on Friday night this year.  We had pizza, sides, and fun.  Not a lot necessarily happened, but it was a good kick-off.  We brought Megan home for a sleepover with us.  The excitement was hindered only by Madison having a fever Friday night.  She ended up sleeping in her own room; Ellie and Megan slept in the living room.  (Madison ended up going to Christmas day on Saturday because everyone figured we were all exposed anyway.  Lucky for her; it would have been hard to miss it.)

I snuck out of the bedroom to start the egg casserole baking, chop some apples, and finish some present preparations.  It was hard to do with the two little girls sleeping in the living room.  I managed to get most of it done. 

We headed over to my parents’ house about 8:30 for breakfast – egg casserole, yogurt parfaits, baked oatmeal, apple coffee cake, and English muffin toast with homemade freezer jam.  It was delicious. 

As people waited for the food to get all set out and cleaned up, we captured a few random, candid pictures:

DSC_1625     DSC_1627DSC_1628   DSC_1629   DSC_1642DSC_1635  DSC_1640DSC_1652

Then, we took some family pictures.  I realized as I was looking at pictures, that we missed taking pictures of the grandkids with the grandparents.  Bummer.

DSC_1649   DSC_1634DSC_1643   DSC_1638   DSC_1728

We read the Christmas story, shared thoughts and memories, and had a prayer to begin Christmas gift giving. 


I have again realized it doesn’t matter how many or what kind of gifts are given at Christmas, it is the joy of being together.  I have also realized the joy of little ones opening presents is pretty exciting to watch.  They just can’t hold in their excitement!

DSC_1659     DSC_1664DSC_1669     DSC_1672DSC_1676 DSC_1666DSC_1673     DSC_1681DSC_1690     DSC_1705 DSC_1685

Some kids learned that even money can be exciting.  It opens all kinds of possibilities.  Nate explaining this to Paxon. And Paxon getting his own taste of cold, hard cash!

DSC_1695  DSC_1715  DSC_1713  DSC_1696DSC_1710     DSC_1717DSC_1707

We gifted my parents with t-shirts for the upcoming Gatlinburg trip and a gratitude book where everyone had written some thoughts for them to read.  We also gave them some snow gear, random kitchen tools, and a few other things. 

DSC_1744     DSC_1746DSC_1736

We had one of those candy-in-Saran-wrap balls for the kids to try to unravel.  It was a challenge to say the least.  I think after they got over their frustrations, they had a lot of fun!

DSC_1749     DSC_1751

Somewhere in the day we had a big ole lunch – pulled pork, cheesy potatoes, cole slaw, bread, jello, and special sparkling punch.  The entertainment factor of opening the bottles of sparkling juice is pretty high.  We even watched as Nate popped one cork into the outstretched bag held by Ben and Luke.


We were able to get the kids (and adults) out of the house for some recreation this year.  I am not sure who enjoyed it more – the kids or adults!  We played multiple games of basketball.  We all came out mostly unscathed. 

IMG_4015    IMG_4019IMG_4021    IMG_4023IMG_4017     IMG_4022IMG_4018

A few more candids from the day:

DSC_1651 DSC_1726DSC_1699    DSC_1742DSC_1747   DSC_1720DSC_1760

Overall, it was a good time, and we realized again how blessed we are to have a family that can play and pray together.