Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Fair

It’s that time of year again… the fair.  It happened twice this year because of the Elkhart County fair we went to in late July.  The girls were pumped for rides this year!  They went Saturday (while we were at the Indians’ game) with Grandma.  She wanted to see Sam and Lilli show their goats, so the girls joined her.  They were there pretty much all day.  They scouted out the produce, the art work, the animal barns, the tents selling stuff, the rides (did the Ferris wheel), the food, and more. 

When we went on Sunday, they had things in mind they wanted to do and show us.  First up: the BIG PIG.  It truly lived up to its name!


We hit the rides first thinking there might be less lines early in the day.  We predicted well and had almost no lines at any ride.  (We realized later that day or the next the reason our lines were so short was probably because one of the kiddie rides had broken while children were on it the day before; made people a little hesitant…)  We stayed in kiddie land most of the 2ish hours of rides.  They did the carousel, the frogger (always a hit), dragon wagon (lots of times), kangaroo, helicopter, swings (also a favorite), motorcycles, and probably something I am forgetting.

IMG_3588     IMG_3599IMG_3593   IMG_3598    IMG_3602

Madison also tried out the Indiana Jones Obstacle Course.  She had fun.


Then, we hit the BIG rides.  I went with them on the first one (don’t know the name). 

IMG_4573     IMG_4576

Jeremy went with them on Pharoah’s fury. 

IMG_3609    IMG_3611

They LOVED them and came off smiling.  Ellie gripped the bar pretty tightly.  Truth be told, so did Jeremy and I!!

We also visited the produce, saw Madison’s artwork displayed (right side pic of circles and left side shape picture behind her),


looked at tents of goods, pondered the worthlessness of carnival games, ate supper and treats, and checked in with Sam and Lilli.IMG_3617

It was a good year with good memories.  Jeremy and I both decided while we have little love for the rides and the cost of the bracelet, it is worth it just watching the girls’ expressions of joy while riding them.  The weather this year was perfect, and no one was grouchy.  Can’t wait til next year!

IMG_3625  IMG_3626

Indians Game

We had the opportunity to attend an Indians’ game because of Jeremy’s participation in the Velasano team that the Indians sponsored.  They gave us free seats; Jeremy was down on the field; and we had an event afterwards.  Unfortunately, we missed the free jerseys they were giving out to the first 10,000 fans; we were even there an hour before first pitch! 

First, Jeremy went down with some others from the Velasano team for the presentation of the check. 


IMG_4549    IMG_4552

Then, we watched the game.  It was a good game, and baseball doesn’t even always hold my attention.  It became the Indians’ 17th consecutive win!  (As I type, they are now on win 21 in a row!)


Our post-game event ended up coinciding with the season ticket holders event, which was fortunate for us.  All the players came out to give autographs (if you waited in really long lines).  We walked around and took paparazzi pictures of them instead of waiting in line. In order of appearance: Kipnis, Salazar,Jackson, Perez, Santana (award for best dressed), Carlos Baerga, and Francona.

DSC_1283     DSC_1285DSC_1286     DSC_1287DSC_1290     DSC_1291IMG_4560

Jeremy did get the one autograph he wanted – Sandy Alomar.  He had saved three laminated posters from roughly 20 years ago of Sandy Alomar.  He finally got the signature he saved them for!

IMG_3557     DSC_1259

The only thing close to to beating that (and maybe it did) was getting to go down on the field and play catch.  It was pretty cool, and every boy’s dream come true.  It is amazing how big the outfield really is and how far they have to hit the ball to get a home run. 

DSC_1261     DSC_1265DSC_1279     DSC_1281DSC_1268IMG_4570

We also met some of the fun mascots…

DSC_1254     DSC_1255

On top of everything else, this was our date night for Jeremy’s birthday.  I am pretty sure it will be hard to top this on in years to come!


Monday, September 11, 2017

Little Cheerleaders

This year, we had two cheerleaders in training during football season.  The cheer opportunity came earlier in the football season than normal because of a heavy away schedule in October.  It made for a busy week for us, but I am pretty sure it always does. 


Ellie decided that it would be fun to try this.  She had watched Madison the past two years.  She was a little hesitant, but she performed well.  She really watched what the lead cheerleader would do and try to follow it. 

IMG_3514     IMG_3529    

IMG_3520     IMG_3519

Madison had fun, as always.  I think she just enjoys being out there and part of the action.  She was all smiles the whole time.

IMG_3522     IMG_3527IMG_3541

It was a beautiful night for the game.  The Bulldogs took on Fairless and pulled out a dominating win.  We were able to also see one of the youth we work with at church play.  He did a great job, as he had in previous games; it was good to see it rather than read about it the next day. 

Who knows if we will have cheerleaders in our future or not, but it is fun to watch them try out new things.

Kids’ Garage Sale

Last Saturday (Labor day weekend), I went out to TWO breakfasts.  Yep, just spent all morning socializing with two different groups of women.  First, I went to the Salem Ladies’ breakfast at Time-Out Cafe.  Then, I went to Kidron Town and Country Restaurant for Sandy’s birthday breakfast.  (It was a surprise that I almost ruined!)  It was relaxing and good to be with other women.

I returned home, took two steps (literally!) inside the house, and was accosted by my little ladies with big ideas for the day ahead.  They had been working all morning making bracelets out of yarn and plastic beads. 

IMG_3490      IMG_3496IMG_3491

They wanted to sell these along with their stuffed animals, hot chocolate, cupcakes, and more outside.  I was supposed to contact all kinds of people to make this happen.  Jeremy and I gave them every single reason this would not work.  They could not be thwarted.  Since they had been asking to do this same thing pretty much all summer, I finally gave in.  And spent the rest of the day baking chocolate cupcakes with homemade chocolate frosting with Madison.  And banana muffins with Ellie.  Then, we pulled out the canopy, hauled up tables and chairs from the basement, made signs, posted an invite on facebook, sent out some personal texts, and made a phone call. 

If you build it, they will come….


The girls had a great time, despite the drizzle that threatened to close down the sale.  There were a couple families that stopped in, some grandparents, and some other friends. 

IMG_3494 IMG_3498

We sold out of the cupcakes and muffins, handed off some stuffed animals, and reduced our bracelet inventory.  It was a good way to spend the day.  It was also not on my agenda for the day.  I don’t know if I ever really got done what needed done, but sometimes the trade-off is worth it.