Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Spring Break

Spring break this year was late.  I noticed in 2019, it is even later in April.  (Why did I notice this?  Well, I was scanning the school calendar for some reason today.)  We didn't plan a trip anywhere, but that was okay with me.  I did want to do at least one legitimate, get out of Wayne County kind of thing though.  That came on Friday.  We started the week out slowly, just hung around the house doing our thing.  We may have ventured out to the grocery store or the library, but nowhere major.  The girls enjoyed getting to play together with their toys again.  That meant the house - well, the living room - was in a major state of messiness for these two days.  Because I am me, I am pretty sure I made them clean it up every day, but I may have relaxed this a bit for spring break.

On Tuesday, Grandma DeeDee took all the local grandkids to see the movie A Dog's Purpose at the dollar theater.  They had a great time; she even bought them popcorn!  She met me at the park for Madison's softball practice.  The other kids wanted to hang out and play, so they did.  After practice, she treated them to kid's meals at Wendy's yet!  What an exciting day!

On Wednesday, we took our first planned outing.  We drove to Ashland to play with our friends, Teagan and Everett.  The girls always take a minute to warm up, and then things go really well.  After lunch, Laura (their mom and my friend) and I went out to put together a little project she had saved just for us :)  We put together a jungle gym.  You know the thing you used to hang on at the playground.  That thing that is no longer allowed on playgrounds.  It is a bit complicated to put together particularly when the illustrations are mediocre.  But we persisted, recruited her husband's extra hands, and conquered it.  The kids loved it.  Here are her kids still playing on it in the evening after we left. 
On Thursday, we took advantage of the day to head to the Livestock Auction in town.  We bundled up, packed a picnic lunch, hopped on our bikes and headed downtown.  We said hello to pigs and piglets, scoped out the calves, checked for baby goats, viewed the cows from up high, and then settled in during the cow auction to eat our lunch.  After lunch, we grabbed some delicious homemade ice cream from Schloneger's stand.  Then, we rode home.  It was a good day.  Madison had softball practice that night, so we went there afterwards.

Friday, we headed to the Cleveland Zoo ... with Jeremy!  He surprised us by taking the day off work.  It was great.  I hadn't been to the Cleveland Zoo for about 11-12 years.  I remembered it being spread out, a neat rainforest area, and that was about it.  Both things still held true.  The coolest thing is that they had the vet clinic open to the public.  So, had we known, we could have watched them give an animal a check-up.  We missed it, but it was fun to see the equipment and imagine what it was like.  They both got to stand by their favorite animal - Madison and her flamigos, Ellie and the zebras

 They took a few pictures with us "riding" an elephant statue (kinda cut that off in the picture!)

They really enjoyed posing on the statues.
 And riding the carousel is always a hit!
Saturday.  This was a jumble of different things.  We dyed Easter eggs in the morning.  I ran a few errands.  I used part of the day to make food for Easter.

That evening, we celebrated my birthday as a family.  We went to eat at the Dutch Kitchen - they have a great salad bar if you haven't ever been before.  Then, we opened presents.  The girls were probably more excited about this than me, but I do enjoy opening birthday gifts.  Madison wrapped up a plate that had a picture on it.  Ellie wrapped up some of her lip gloss and nail polish.  Jeremy surprised me with really awesome nesting bowls from MCC Connections that I had seen.  I love them!  He also bought me two very nice knives to replace the two overused and damaged knives from my set.  These are much nicer and much sharper!  It was a good night to be together.

I will save Easter Sunday for another post.  It was a good break, and I look forward to enjoying our summer.  

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