Friday, June 30, 2017


So, here is the rest of June all in one brief (?) post….

We returned from vacation on Wednesday.  The following Monday, Laura came to help me learn how to strip wallpaper.  We finished one room.  I continued for the next week stripping two more rooms – four walls and eight walls with borders taken down total.  Then, I scrubbed off the wallpaper residue, sanded down some of the rag rolled walls, and prepped the room for paint.  With the help of my parents (and single parenting for nighttime by Jeremy while we worked), all three bedrooms were painted – Madison’s purple, Ellie’s pink, and ours a very light beige.  The next two days involved digging out of the mess of rearranging rooms, decluttering, and finally (as of yesterday) having a clean house!  This whole thing was not just a design change, but a room rearrangement as well.  The girls decided they both wanted their own rooms.  So, they are now in separate rooms and figuring that out.  I think it is going well.

At the end of that same week, I took the girls and a few items to Laura’s house for her garage sale.  The girls have been begging to have a lemonade and cookie stand – and get extra spending money – and I figured it would be the perfect venue.  They had fun manning the booth with Laura’s two kids, and they made $8.50 a piece!


Somewhere in there, Jeremy and I celebrated 11 years of marriage.  I can’t believe how many years we have racked up together.  We have had some amazing adventures.  While it is not always as smooth of sailing as I would like (or I thought it would be), it is worth it.  Jeremy is a good guy.  He genuinely wants to be a good dad and husband.  He has had a hard year this past year losing his father to cancer, and he has persevered and is healing.  I look forward to what is to come for us.  We celebrate officially with the U2 concert later this week.

We celebrated Father’s Day in a low-key way.  The girls made tacos and dirt pudding for supper.  They also made cards, and Ellie designed a crown – which she took a measuring tape to his head before designing for the correct length!

IMG_2949     IMG_2951

We have been very busy with dance camp for the girls this week.  Ellie every morning, and Madison every evening.  It is exhausting.  They loved every minute though.  I have no picture of Madison because she didn’t have an scheduled performance, but here is Ellie at teh end of her Beauty and the Beast camp.

IMG_3008     IMG_3009

Also, this week, we went to see an Indians baseball game.  Jeremy had won two free tickets, so we bought two more and went out on Wednesday night as a family.  The girls did a better job sitting, watching, and being interested in the game this year. 


They also enjoyed Dippin’ Dots and the kids play section. 

IMG_2972     IMG_2977IMG_2978     IMG_2975IMG_2976     IMG_2974

We had a number of different views throughout the game. 

IMG_2966IMG_2979     IMG_2987

And managed to see Slider up close, but couldn’t stop him for a picture.  (Which Ellie was very relieved by).  We did get a picture with fake Slider. 

IMG_2970   IMG_2982

We caught Mustard though!


Madison finished up softball… Yeah, remember she started that back in late April.  Then, she broke her arm.  She practiced about three times and attended about three games.  She still got her jersey, good memories, a trophy, and supportive teammates.

IMG_2990IMG_2991     IMG_2993IMG_2994

And that is June.

Trip Wrap up

So, I was blogging frantically and realized I missed a few random pictures from our trip, so here they are without commentary Smile

DSC_0898 - Copy     DSC_0958 - CopyDSC_0962 - Copy     DSC_1012 - CopyDSC_1034 - Copy     IMG_2867 - CopyIMG_2882 - Copy     IMG_2880 - CopyIMG_2868 - Copy    IMG_2879 - CopyIMG_2933     IMG_2934IMG_2939

Ohio to Michigan to Minneapolis to Illinois and Home: Part 3

Hello, again, Chicago!  We stayed at a hotel near Chicago’s Midway Airport.  It had a pool and nice rooms… and it was close to Giordano’s Pizza.  Very deep dish, Chicago-style pizza.  Which we had for supper.  After swimming. 

We debated forever about what to do.  The girls liked the Shedd Aquarium when they were little, and there was a beluga whale and dolphin show that we didn’t get to see last time.  Jeremy was rooting for the natural history museum because he had yet to be there.  Then there was the Museum of Science and Industry.  We chose the Museum of Science and Industry… or as the hotel receptionist said, “the fun museum.” 

And it was fun.  It was also a bit overwhelming at first because of all the buttons and dials and screens you could push.  But pushing buttons teaches you nothing, so we were trying to slow the girls to actually see what happened when they pushed the button or turned the dial.  We found our rhythm and were there til the building closed down.

We toured this big engine before entering the actual museum.


Then, we played in the light box mixing colors.  The girls picked the colors for their pictures.

DSC_0999     DSC_1000

We ventured into the mirror maze.  This would have been much more difficult had there not been so many fingerprints on the mirrors; this fact did prevent us from running head-on into mirrors though!


We learned about math, proportions, the Golden Ratio, and more in the patterns room.  The girls did a computer thing that told how proportional they were.  We also confirmed that, according to that, Madison is still an inch taller than Ellie!

DSC_1007     DSC_1008

We headed to the farm, and it felt like home.  The girls rode the fake cow and took a turn on a tractor that was a fraction of the size of what my uncle Gary has in Oklahoma.  They still loved it.

DSC_1011   DSC_1014DSC_1010

Their highlight of the day was probably a place called the Idea Factory.  It was very hands-on for kids.  They liked the “crane” they could use to pick up magnetized blocks and move them.  I liked the bicycled you peddled to make water in a tube rise and then something else happened…. I don’t remember what that was as I was just excited I made it to the top – my legs were shaking and I was out of breath; good workout! 

DSC_1026   DSC_1027DSC_1028

Probably my favorite was on the way to the circus area.  It was called the Shadow Garden.  You stand in front of a screen and your shadow controls, catches, and maneuvers colored “balls” that fall down the screen.  I seriously could have stood there for hours.  Note Jeremy’s LeBron James pose

DSC_1025  DSC_1044DSC_1041   DSC_1042

Ellie liked putting her clown face.

DSC_1038    DSC_1020DSC_1024

We ventured through the solar system on our way to walk the length of a German U-Boat.  It was huge!  (so was the solar system) 

DSC_1031     DSC_1030


It was a great day.  We left there and headed just out of town, so we would be ready to hit the road the next day.  We ate super at “the land of giant helpings” (named so by me), a restaurant called, The Wheel.  It was good, but GIANT portions!  We ended the night with a swim in the pool. 

The next day took us back home.  It is always good to travel, and it is always good to get home again.