Friday, June 30, 2017

Ohio to Michigan to Minneapolis to Illinois to Home: Part 2

We spent Friday night through Monday morning at Jason and Niki’s house.  They were very gracious in allowing us and Gloria to crowd their space on a busy weekend.  We set up an air mattress, put down (and took down) beds on the couch, and basically took over the basement.  We had fun getting to know their home and them again.  Theo (2-1/2 yrs)  was all kinds of energy, especially the first night!  Miles (9 mo old) all smiles pretty much all the time. 

Saturday we went to see Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis.  It is a neat place to explore.  It was also very hot, so it made the stream more appealing.

DSC_0937DSC_0944DSC_0942     DSC_0947DSC_0951     DSC_0968

That afternoon, Jeremy, the girls, and I headed to a public beach across the lake from where Niki and Jason live.  It was not the vacant, soft sand beach of Michigan, but the girls had a blast and kept cool. 


The girls spent some time getting dance lessons from Aunt Jen who had arrived mid-day.  And hanging out with their cousins.

 DSC_0970    DSC_0971DSC_0972     DSC_0996DSC_0979     DSC_0987DSC_0986   DSC_0993

That night, we had some delicious bbq pizza.  Niki was disappointed as the dough basically flopped in a heap on the grill, but we added toppings, and it was delicious! 

Sunday was the day of the baptism.  It was also the morning of a pretty severe storm that shot through the area and brought a pretty big limb down on Jason and Niki’s house.  We made it to church on time and unscathed.  Theo was pretty much ready to be done with sitting by the time the baptism service came around, but he made it.  The last picture is of the family and the godparents.  Jeremy is Theo’s godfather.

IMG_2897  IMG_2899  IMG_2912IMG_2917  IMG_2920IMG_2927IMG_2928

We had a good meal shared with NIki’s family back at the house.  It was a great chance to get to know her parents and brother and sister better.  The afternoon was pretty chill otherwise.  That evening we played a new game, Spymaster.  I quite enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

We packed up and left by about 9:30 Monday morning.  Headed for Chicago.

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