Friday, June 30, 2017

The Month of the ER

So, this is my May catch up.  Madison went to the ER for her broken arm at the end of April.  We went to Gatlinburg (see two posts ago).  We got home and 3 days later, we went to the ER with Ellie.  She was riding her pretend horse right in front of me in the living room.  She tripped on the carpet and fell mouth first into the wooden part of the glider rocker’s ottoman.  This maneuver managed to make her tooth plunge straight through her lip.  So, with a hole needing stitches, we went to the ER.  This time we went to a different, slightly closer ER.  We were hoping it would be less busy and faster.  It was not.  It was MUCH slower.  The staff was still nice, but the night wore on with a child screaming for about an hour in the ER room after finding out that she would actually need stitches.  They gave her a numbing shot and left us in there f o r e v e r.  Which just led to Ellie getting more worried about what it might actually be like. 


They brought an extra person in to help hold her down and promised her a stuffed puppy if she did a good job.  She did a GREAT job.  She did not move or cry while getting the stitches, and the extra person was an unnecessary precaution.  We went home about 10pm and headed to bed.  The stitches and swelling looked better in the morning and were out within a week.  (As a side note, as the bills have started rolling in, I have discovered that while we may have waited longer, the cost of this ER over the other is significantly cheaper… like half the cost!  Guess where I’ll be going if I need an ER and have to pay the full price.)


Ellie had her Three Piggies Opera performance for preschool the day after getting her stitches removed.  She had a role as the brick seller.  It was cute. 

DSC_0807     DSC_0811DSC_0818

She had a good end to preschool, and said good-bye to her carpool buddy, Kennah.  (She is not a giant as she looks in this picture, but she is taller than Kennah.)


Somewhere in there, Ellie and I helped (spontaneously) take out landscaping in front of my parents house.  It was happening when we stopped by one day, and it looked like Dad and Luke could use a hand; so, we stayed.  Ellie benefitted by a ride with uncle Luke and lunch at Subway.

IMG_2816     IMG_2824

We had a Mother’s Day gathering at my parents’ house this month as well.  I have no pictures to speak of.  We did play some volleyball – getting to be a family favorite.  And Ben gave motorcycle rides.  My girls LOVED it! 

IMG_2842  IMG_2844

Madison had a great end to the school year.  Her class was able to incubate chick eggs for 21 days and watch them hatch.  I think it was definitely a highlight.  This is her first day of school / last day of school pictures.  Glad she is smiling for both!

DSC_0500     DSC_0847

DSC_0501     DSC_0846

I was able to volunteer for field day for her.  It was a perfect day for the kids to be outside; we had a blast. 

IMG_2848     IMG_2850IMG_2852

The next day, we went to get her cast removed.  It was almost as scary as getting it on for her, I think.  Just the fear of the unknown.  Her arm looked funny to her – puny, scaly dead skin, and just weird.  She held it pretty tenderly for a couple days.  Now she is back to testing it out on the trapeze bar and swinging high. 

IMG_2856    IMG_2857

That was the overview.  I’ll head to June, maybe even today before June is officially over! 

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