Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Goshen Trip

I wanted to visit my college roommate, Rachel, and her family. So, I planned a date for this summer to travel to Goshen with the girls.  (I figured Jeremy didn’t want to waste vacation days hanging out with my friend!)  On top of what felt like a go-go-go kind of month already, we packed up and headed out July 24th.  (Yep, July, not August.  Just posting a little late.)  It is about a 4-1/2 hour trip, so I thought a stop along the way would be a good idea. 

On the way to Goshen, we stopped at the Toledo Zoo.  A zoo had been on our summer bucket list, and it hadn’t happened yet, so this killed two birds with one stone.  It was a beautiful day for the zoo!  In fact, we actually had to wear jackets to start the day; this following days of killer heat and humidity!  The girls love the statues that many zoos had.  While I took a few photos, I declared a moratorium on pictures on top of every statue!


We saw seals and a really active polar bear playing with a barrel… and we saw him (her?) dive in the water!

DSC_1082     DSC_1084

We saw more cool animals – birds, penguins, tigers, grizzly bears, etc.  Most of the animals were pretty active because we were there in the morning, and it was cool.

DSC_1091     DSC_1112DSC_1087     DSC_1118

The girls loved the (man made) stream they could play in filling containers, building a dam, wading, and exploring.  We could have stayed there a lot longer, but we had a deadline of when we needed to leave, so I cut it off a little early.  They also had a fun looking splash pad, but we thought it was a little cool to get wet.

DSC_1099     IMG_3213

They had a chance to paint each other’s faces, touch sting rays, and see a diver in the aquarium.


DSC_1105  DSC_1108

It was a fun stop along the way.

DSC_1109     DSC_1110DSC_1113

We arrived in Goshen Monday night to enjoy supper with Rachel, Tex, Josiah, and Oliver.  We also went to a pretty cool park to play that night.


From then on, we played.  On Tuesday, we tie-dyed shirts, which worked much better than anticipated!  The afternoon was spent at the pool.  Strangely, the kids were complaining of being COLD!  It was a little breezy, but sunny.  That evening, we went to the local ice cream spot (similar to the Dalton Dariette).  Madison, Ellie, and Oliver (Josiah was out farming with Tex.) played among the trees some hide and seek.

IMG_3225     IMG_3229IMG_3234     IMG_3231

On Wednesday, we went to the Elkhart County Fair.  It was a fair, and it was fun for the kids.  It was kids day, so there were special activities going on for the kids – an obstacle course, performances on stage, ga-ga ball tournaments, special booths with freebies, and free coupons for ice cream at the dairy barn!  The kids could each chose 5 rides to ride on top of all the other fun. It was neat to see what rides each chose for their level of “daredevil-ness.”  One unanticipated benefit of tie-dying the day before is that they wanted to wear their shirts to the fair; this made them easy to spot in the crowd!

IMG_3235 IMG_3245     IMG_3256IMG_3260     IMG_3271IMG_3274     IMG_3276

We went home tired – or at least Rachel and I did.  After supper, we went to bed early and clean.  The next morning, we were headed back out. 

On Thursday, we returned home via Bluffton.  I wanted to stop and see my friend, Molly, and her two boys, Chase and Colton.  This stop was full of tired kids and a lot more chaos.  But it was still worth stopping to catch up.  When you are good friends, you just talk over the din and reconnect.

We made it home that night in time for supper.  It was good to be home and see Jeremy again.

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