Thursday, August 10, 2017

Summer Fun

This summer has been filled to the brim with things.  We kicked it off with vacation to Minneapolis, followed by a week of double dance camps, then my trip to Orlando and play dates for the girls, next up was a week of VBS, backed up to another week of dance camp, and finally a trip to Indiana.  That took us from June through July without much room to breathe.  I thought the dance camp weeks and the VBS weeks would be pretty much summer as usual during the day, but I was wrong.  Those things led to later nights, sleeping in, early (or late) suppers, and a deadline for getting somewhere at the end of the day.  While it was all fun for the girls, it did crimp our summer routine of relaxation and play dates. 

Finally, we have about two weeks of time that is a little more laid back before I have to head to the classroom.  (Oh, don’t think I’ve mentioned it on the blog yet… I was hired to be a 7th/8th grade Intervention Specialist this year.  Back on the work wagon.  We’ll see how we transition as a family!) 

So, we’ve enjoyed some sunsets, some beautiful days and evenings to play,


a random play date or two, a tea party with friends… with “Turkey” sandwiches (can you see it?),

IMG_3338     IMG_3339

some bike rides to see the tall corn,


a little shopping… and mannequin modeling!,

IMG_3351IMG_3352     IMG_3353

a few days of swimming with friends… and a giant unicorn creature!


and imaginary play here at home. 

Oh, yeah, we also went to an event put on by the library about penguins.  We learned a lot about penguins while a live African penguin named Sandy strolled around the room. 

IMG_3344     IMG_3346

We also got to touch her!  She was incredible soft and reminded me a bit of a chinchilla’s soft fur.  Crazy!  Penguins in Kidron! 

IMG_3350     IMG_3349

These last two weeks have been what I remember summer to be.  I’ll remember that tidbit for next summer, and see how I can tailor summer to be summer!

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Julie said...

So happy to see you included the penguins in your blog. Hope the girls had a good time!!