Tuesday, August 1, 2017

VBS and Stuff

Short post coming your way…

We have the started going to Stanwood Community Church’s vacation Bible school.  Our church does Bible school in an untraditional way – splitting it up for Sunday school curriculum throughout the summer – which has its own allure, but it is just a little different than one week crammed with camp-like fun.  And Stanwood does an outstanding job with theirs.  This year the theme was Maker’s Fun Factory.  The girls had a blast, and the music is great.  It ran Sunday thru Thursday from 6-8pm the second week of July.  On Thursday, they had a little performance.

IMG_3187    IMG_3186

We also went to a pancake breakfast out at the Wayne County Airport.  Mostly, we went to support Gloria as she was serving through Ruritans.  We saw some small planes, and the highlight was, of course, FACE PAINT.  You want to win my girls over at event, include face paint… or horses… or a bounce house… or well, a fun activity of some sort will pretty much do it  :)


Afterwards, we played at a fun park in Smithville.  I did not put Ellie in a cage.  The girls were pretending to be hunting animals for a zoo, and Ellie’s face paint was perfect for the experience!  

IMG_3177     IMG_3178

It was a beautiful day.

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